Friday, July 23, 2010


Its start from last week"sunday,18 of july"my friend which is like a brother to our family came here"brunei" for a was a very happy day to me...i like it,because i dont feel bored well since today"frida,23 of july"he went back to singapore...afetr his holiday here,everything has change,i feel so sad and bored because every time when i come home from school i always talk to him at home and now no more,,,i miss him so much oppa,,i wish i could meet him again as well as he wanted to meet me and also my family eheh i have a lot of great time with him...but today when we arrived at the air not yet sad even if im sad,im also happy for him that he could go back home hehe after going to miri.when we arrive at home...i study and call and also message with him and my friends so when nobodys i suddenly cry and drop a lot of tears which is before he call me...and then when he call i was shock that i continue crying with my funny voice which is not clear so yeaa i feel so bored without him around its too quiet here...hmmm i hope i could meet him again along with my parents too so yeaa cheers and good luck sya oppa

Sunday, July 18, 2010

at least we talk....

Its okay if that person didnt want to talk to well at least we talk a little while so i will try not to buzz or chat with that person again hmmm because it didnt make any i dont know what species are very unknownable  but its alryte because i use to talk to myself and even talk to my pets yeaa it didnt makes any different i guess i wont be speaking but for me that person is still a very special person...i even prove it..just loook at my game wall mix with blue and orange...everything is with its favorite colors and then i try to like and yet now i like and try to listen to its favorite songs...just look at my blog all of it got mentioned ONII3 and yet i still write and drawing things on the name with ONII3 on it and also took its photos for my scrapbook...but the person would never know and understand how much I really reallly"*****************"ehhe sorry private eheh and so if that person wont like then im gonna accept it but yet i will try to erase all of my memory and try to get the same person like ONII3 which is who have the same favorite colors as ONII3,have the same favorite as ONII3 and etc...all i want it the same person well i bet i couldn't find so meaning i couldn't even see ONII3 on cam???i wish i could go back in time to fix the problem but it didnt make any differences so yeaa i think im gonna give up because what was im thinking everything is the same thing going on...well i miss ONII3 well i think i shouldn't say it again and again because it didn't make ONII3 to speak to maybe it view my blog or not...thats okay because im okay with everything because no one really do not and no one need to understand how i feel and no one every put any good things in me....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

is it good bye?

SO i want to say good bye to somebody that is very special to me..i guess im not that special to them which i use to say ONII3 maybe they had forget ing me already so i want to say thanks for all this time..i guess i'm not gonna see your drawing any more so i guess you'll be the person that i fall in love with im so sick of waiting well things has change when you had come i guess im gonna miss all the time...i guess im not gonna find a friend like you who wait for me from mid night to morning just for me well i think im gonna miss that day...that is the most wonderful day for me..i guess it is not going to happen again well for the last...i would never regret by knowing you..and i want to thank you so much for everything and please dont regret by knowing me but if you do...then its okay well life have to go on i guess im gonna miss you and good bye but yet i cant forget about the precious time and though i will keep it in my mind and all of my post too but im gonna have to clear and change everything and start a new path...wish me luck..well i guess the last time im gonna talk to you is your birthday well i still wish that i could bring back the time well it seems i cant do that so yet i want to say sorry if i did some mistakes and sorry for making you mad at me...and also thank you for giving me your time and your lesson to so please to meet someone like you who has the same attitude and the same style and the same favorites which has the same as my favorite thing..and also the same person like you i really wish it i hope i can get it...well its time to change


So now i know...this is where i have to start to stand up and try to erase of the feeling well...i guess ONII3 dont care about it anymore so i guess i need to walk and start a new journey well it is not worth for me to force it because it is not that nice to force something which it doesnt really want something get it ahha so i guess i can help it hehe i do really admire it because no one ever sleep late just to wait for me hehe i wish to have somebody like that well i do but now every thing has change i wish i could make the world stop and keep rewind at the time and for me that time is the most wonder full things that i ever had eheh well now i guess have to keep forward and stop to hurt my self well i like the weather today it was dark and cold eheh i hope i can go shopping on the holiday with the same weather like this ehhe xoxo!!! well i guess i need to go now...i'll be waiting if...never mind then...

ALY AND AJ-Im Here lyric

No one needs to know how I feel
No one needs to understand
Cause they can't have a hold on us
It's not just any kind of love
I know when something is too sacred to touch

They don't see...
You're right where I want you and I think
You could be...
Something that's more than expected
Why let this go all the way down from here
I'm here.

We both tend to run when we're hurting
We both tend not to forgive and forget
The past can't have a hold on us
For you my heart will give its trust
I don't need as much of you
I just need your love

They don't see...
You're right where I want you and I think
You could be...
Something that's more than expected
Why let this go all the way down from here

Here you go again
Doubting yourself
For no good reason
You're listening to someone else

They don't see...
You're right where I want you and I think
You could be...
Something that's more than expected
Why let this go all the way down from here
I'm here.


Friday, July 16, 2010

my new favorite music to listen...

Hello guys...muin here now im interested in ALY & AJ's songs hehe it going to be in my music list such as in located in my blog and psp ehhe and now some of the songs from the other artist as well would still be in my music list...hehe i get some of the songs from a very special friend :) ehhe well i have a lot of dance move to learn such as super girl by super junior and NU ABO by F(x) and also Into The New World(remix) by SNSD"Girls' Generation" as well i learn more language like Hangul and Tagalog maybe other wordings in Hangul(korean) and also Japanese.I even continue to start a drawing a again like how i usually do when i was a little boy hehe but this time im gonna make it real maybe gonna learn some anime from Buttercup"best friend" and fairy-tales by the google search and winx club photo and stickers collection eheh peace well im gonna start to study as well but yet i need to start doing my scrapbook ahha well i promise a special friend which is the some person for not to let anyone see their page ehhe so i would answer "yes,i will promise that" but to my self i still answer the same answer but with detail"even..we are broken..i would still keep your promises" dont worry my friend and yeaa i hope my friend view my wall post in facebook as well read by blog posts in my Blog eheh cheers people    

Is it over??just a descripetion that i get from the net...

Is our relationships is over??If it is so im okay then and i hope if find somebody as same as you because i did say im afraid to lose somebody like you as a friend because i believe i couldn't find someone who stay up all day and night just for me and im so sad because that i lose you already...i miss all of your anime drawing,all your picture doesnt gave me the answer for all of my question we dont even chat like for a months and im afraid that we wont talk like we use to but for me being with you is a dream like how i said before and im happy being with you because you give me all those happiness spirits and i would never regret by knowing you and i just cant believe that you dont talk to me any more...i guess i have swept and gone from your mind?but i'm quiet okay with it...beside there is nothing else i could do to make you like me like how we use too please dont forget about me ... because your a very special person for much more than a best friend but its okay if we are not what like i i wish you luck and i want to thank you and i hope all of your day is complete with a full of success so yeaa be a good person always


Last night i chat with ONII3 well i dont know ONII3s life style so yeaa i think ONII3 has change every thing in it i guess I'm not in ONII3s mind anymore so yeaa Im happy for ONII3 and i would like to thank you to ONII3 and say happy advance birthday well i guess im not gonna see all of ONII3s drawing anymore ahha gonna miss that one and i would never forget about our friendship and also i would never regret by knowing you i do hope you dont regret too so yeaa i would say hope you completed your day and have a very great life and good luck and finally have a very bless day to you so i hope you be happy everyday and i want to apologize if i make some mistakes and if i make you mad hehe im really sorry so i guess still being friends with you eheh thank you so much for everything :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

ONII3 day is soon...hmmm tth history,,,

I want to say happy advance birthday to ONII3 its okay if ONII3 dont read this because i dont feel like it any more hmm its alryte its okay but i still like ONII3 but if ONII3 dont like me im still okay with it eheh yayayayaya.....
btw since we have 4 day holiday because of the sultan his majesty birthday and and HM comming to K.B some of the subject teacher gave us homework which is so many and difficult luckily i finish it already ahha yeaa.... and this week im gonna meet my friend from singapore so yeaa i would like to welcome him and i hope he enjoy his day here in Brunei well he is going to be here maybe on saturday until monday ehhe so yeaa not sure hehe...
So later im going to have BBQ at home i wish i have the mood like eating fried food later egeh so yeaa

Sunday, July 11, 2010

wish you luck

wish you luck lil buddy :)
have a great time peace ^^
just forget about the horrible past
sorry if i had make you mad and angry
now precious stuff will only stay in my scrapbook
be happy :)

only a girl lyric

I was small when i first heard my inner voice
then i followed my destiny, it led me here and
not I'm making the best of my awesome skills
and I'm able to fight dark forces
what do you see when you look at me?

I am only a girl
trying to save the whole universe
it's my mission
it's a magical life
but sometimes i wish i could live for one day
just like anyone else

I can't tell what tomorrow will bring to me
but I know I'll be here to fight for a better future
you can bring all the magic back in your life
all you need to do
is close your eyes
and remember the first time you felt alive

i am only a girl
trying to save the whole universe
it's my mission
it's a magical life
but sometimes i wish i could live for one day
just like anyone else

here in my fairy world
i see things I've never seen before
the adventure never ends

i am only a girl
trying to save the whole universe
it's my mission
it's a magical life
but sometimes i wish i could live for one day
just like anyone else

i wish to speak to to ONII3

I wish i could talk to ONII3 but it was veyr hard through facebook...well there is no other way now i think i should write anything maybe i should leave ONII3 like that XD there is no other way now...have a great day ONII3 lets just be friend if you dont like me any more?deal??and forget all the past and we start a new life here okay...if its a deal??well lets get through it....

new path

Last night..i was shock that i cried because of some main reasons eheh will post that later because i want to talk about dreams which made this morning i woke up at 5.30 am and then i went back to bed after that and then in my dream i saw an old lady and i will continue soon so when i wake up this morning i think i should start my own new path to work harder and left out the precious stuff eheh so gonna miss you ^^

Saturday, July 10, 2010

its still precious

Its hard to forget about the good memories and moments but sometimes i feel like going crazy because it feel like there is a flame in your heart feeling that makes your inner feeling cost to burn....its hard to i dont know what are we now....should i emmm i dont know im so speechless because i do still remember when i wasn't sleeping for a day for chatting with ONII3 well to be honest ONII3 is very royalty..who had ONII3 on their sight is very lucky because ONII3 is very very kind to me..well i have nothing much to say i could not imagine how would i live after this burning feelings i hope ONII3 understands this even if ONII3 dont understand then its ok...I wish ONII3 had read all of my status in facebook and also my blog but it seems like ONII3 dont keep the promise that ONII3 would do it...ONII3 ever said ONII3 hate liars...But look at it...I never lie but try to look at it...its like a broken pieces now...i think i should try my best to leave but its hard because all of the memories is just too much precious because none of my friends ever do it like that to me unless ONII3 but i think now ONII3 has change maybe because of my fault so yeaa i should try to stop hurting my self and just let it be happy because all i want is to be happy but i think my mission for my self had fail so i rather see someone and something is happier than me so be happy ONII3 i hope you know how it i wish i never stay in earth but maybe in a fairy world like most of my dream would be...but its okay because it is just imaginary not real so i dont know what to do now....its all because of the burning flame...

next road

Now i dont know what to do with ONII3 stuffs so yeaa might keep them eheh so keep stop dancing and drawing and also write story eheh so yeaa into the new world and prove the others that my dreams it my own choice with is going to be real and a good one with clearer view eheh just wait and see i will be a author...btw toady i have a very different dreams since after i woke up from my beauty sleep eheh it was amazing i guess eheh :) but i forgot about it,its like telling me what is going on and etc eheh like a super vision XD eheh owh yeaa 


I Want to thank you to ONII3's friend for saying that in their post so now ONII3's having a secret so yeaa im so broken inside...obviously i want to thank you to mizzah my best friend from philippine for telling me the translation say yeaa now ONII3 is happy and now i know his secret..and i dont know what to do next with ONII3's picture,writing and etc...i just can forget it very yea ONII3 just forgot me okay and be happy always...i hope your much more happy with me and now you've got a pyramid and you day was completely done and complete and now I'm having a road to solve...because now im in the dead now im going to walk a lone again i though we could be a nice friend so i guess it just a lie from the way you sing me a song and stay late night together with me.....and talk and draw and write something on a piece of paper i dont care if ONII3 got a crush but the real story is He had making something behind me...urghhh i hate it...i could not forget about it easily so have a great life oNII3 is time for me to go and have a  huge walk... 

Friday, July 9, 2010

if i wonder

I always wonder who used to view my facebook profile ahah hmmm could be you...Whoo"yuhoo" ahha got it haha it doesnt matter who :) but it make me feel curious if someone had view my profile or not i do hope ONII3 view it and as same  i wonder if ONN3 would view my blog ahahi wonder what did STOIC is....and i always wonder what are they talking afraid if ONII3 search for someone special or greater then me...IM JUST AFRAID TO LOSE ONNI3 BESIDE I DONT FEEL SO SAFE WITHOUT ONNI3.....i hope ONII3 could be the thing which protect me always i always wanted something like that hmmm just wonder if ONII3 could do that...but its so complicated im so far away with a stuff Call ONII3 and i never know what IT always do...well i always been faithful and believe and trusted ONII3 since the time ONII3 sing me a song and show it how much does it care...BTW ONII3 in a fact secret it between me and friend only knows so ONII3 dont get confuse alryte ahah

winx club-winx enchantix lyric

winx club enchantix :)

i know fantasy....

I know fantasy has existed in our real world but only that we couldn't see it and feel like it...But we all do know fairy tales always starts from our illusion and our own creativity for our imagination...well dont think that it will make you like going mad and only just that i give us relaxation in our own mind for and example like thinking that something give you peace and relaxing in your own mind you even could write your own stories like how i did mine....for an example like the sally and the coin collector and etc hhehe it was amazing and normal to children mostly because they like fairy tales during childhood which is good for our own memory XD

Im gonna prove it to all of you people

Everyone though im this and that which is like immoral things to said and yeaa im sure im gonna prove to everyone that im nice and kind it doesnt mean im soft that is IM GAy so yeaa you people are people dont know me from the inside because you people only can comment people from the outside like a if you people are so very perfect so yeaa just beat it....Im sure im Not GAY!!!!!!!which is  IM INNOCENT!!!!
You people would laugh and comment about me by now...just let see one day who would laugh back doesnt mean that i have the feeling to be mean like that means i really want to do it back like that....well i am not going to do like that....well im sure im still going to help the others as well even they laugh at me by now and never feel sorry XP

SO yeaa just wait and see even i have a soft voice....i am still a man!!!and a nice young person.....

I think im wrong

ONII3.....DID i ever SAID the WORD forever????well i do believe in it,but i just miss something like a piece to complete it....YOU ever said to me already complete your day when im with you...I do hope that you miss and think about me even you dont im still gonna be alryte because there is nothing else i could do...but without YOU as if like there is no music around me because we had same interest but i do want to get serious with it but i you didnt want to well it still gonna be alryte because i just want you to be happy and i dont you to be like someone that i know which is now ruing so i dont you to be broken and destroy but im really speechless when you ask me "~~~~~" fb...and yet i still keep it as a secret i even tell you everything about me...beside i never lie towards you but i depends on you now.....just tell me the answer if still like me or not.....But seriously i still like starts when you sang me a yeaa its was pretty cool

Theres nothing else i could do

HMmm today i feel different towards another person like a lot of person...Its hard to explain...but they all was like so very active and strong and i was like weak and no confidence but my best friend ask me to think positive but i think now every things has change...I know i might be usefull,might be stupid,might be any thing that i sure im gonna prove them that they all were wrong because i know who i am...And i am what i am not like those immoral people..but i feel like theres no one could understand me i even feel left out through ONII3's well everyday i try to make my self happy by seeing those picture and draw and decorate something with ONNI3's tag on it but nothings hasn't change...Because ONNI3's still dont reply my text....ONNI3 is happy with ONII3 self and what ever which surrounding ONNI3's side well i felt left out all i want to be just be happy and think that someone love me for the best and yet i think i dont deserve anything because i feel like i dont belong to the world...I got nothing in me....Which i always felt that people hate and dislike me a lot so yea now is the end of the road...Got nothing else i could do...But i do really hope that ONII3 still like me and think about me..even he dont im still gonna be alryte and yet i dont know what to do next...Beside im with ONII3 for 1 month and 9 days already so yeaa i wish I .................................................................................................

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i've been waiting for you

Its been so long we dont talk...I had waiting for you for so very long time which i keep looking at your picture with blank emotion so emm its okay because most people said that your busy so yeaa i dont mind it actually well i have nothing to say so yeaa good luck hope to talk to you again :)

tell me your still.... i want to share something...I  miss my special friend its like we dont have a conversation for a month.I did try my best to make them to talk to me but they wont reply...and they just offline which i have to wait for another day to come...which is so very long because i really really miss them and i need to ask and discus something with them thats all...i hope they dont misunderstanding....hmmm we have been friend like 1 month and 7 days which is now without a conversation...but i do really hope that we will chat again one day like we usually do...i just dont want to lose them....or or maybe .............. never mind best friend ask me to think positive so yeaa good luck Onii3 have a great success....just tell me something that i dont know...   

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


new season
Winx club 
the homepage
FUN Z0n3
Just log on to
the journey continue and i like it very much yet i havent watch the movie but now they have more and more winx club but originally six :)
happy visitng

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bandar weekdays and weekend

Muin here...i've to bandar(BSB) three times in this week like usual went to the mall and etc.
tuesday 28 june 2010 with my (malung)second bro and her (manah)gf and their sister and brother and friend i have fun eating nasi katok and  play with the fullfy cat eheh its so very very adorable kawaii and 2 of july im with my parents well it was fun during that day but unfortunately it has no electricity when we went back home from BSB because that day it have storms and heavy rain during our journey but i like it though because it was so very cold and windy :)
I watch movie yesterday"3 july 2010",i watch senario Zoo movie its like an action and comedy movie and i like it so much but before that in the afternoon,i went to somewhere in gadong at  the food zone with my brother and his girl friend for the fifa world cup sticker business.We been there like for 3 and the half hours and there we sell and buy the fifa world cup sticker which is legally too.and then we went to escape which is around 7 o'clock in the evening.we ate there for an hour which we finished at 8 and then we went to hua ho kuilap and then go back to the mall.In the mall after we bought the cinema ticket,we(me and nisa) wait for my 1st brother(maming) at the ground floor while we waiting we look at the ego accessory shop for a while.....and then when my brother already has arrive at the ground floor..we went back to the cinema and watch the zoo movie but before that we bought pop corn and drinks and and i saw someone over there...i know i ever seen thats person its a male but a teenager he look a like a chinese boy band call top combine but i dont know their names so yea...i ever seen him when i was out going with manah and nisa during the 1st term holiday which i saw him near by the toilet haha but i wasnt lloking at that person it feels awkward so yeaa ahha.... to be honest im not a flirt or any thing with it im just saying things and you know talk about it beside im not like any other person because im innocent and i am me,my self okay so dont be misunderstanding if i could do any thing that time... i just want to be friends thats all i just want more and more friend because it awesome to have many friends :) so after the movie we went back home to k.b again haha i enjoy that day ehhe its awesome i hope i go to bandar again next week beside we all going to have holiday i hope i can see that person just to make friends like how i do to my other best friend and friends hehe XD

Friday, July 2, 2010

seriously now im into you "just a note"

To people who dont understand this,,,,dint get serious with it okay i just got it from a web...just a line from a story......SO                                                              >>>>START<<<<<

-Now im totally inlove and into you like how you feel that towards me before...
-So i want to ask you a question but i dont want to ask publicly so i will wait you to have your free time for me to ask you at the right moment for a confirmation
-dont worry about is just about they friend list thingy thats all haha replied someone...
-ok ok ok
-started a song....
-So I said"i still remember the part when you sang a song to me,i hope i could listen to it again one day"
-I miss you badly said it again
-what now?you use to used that word and then OL
-lastly they said"i want to wish you a very good luck sorry can't expand it :) so yea have a great time,wish to see you again one day TC my friend"

most of it just a unknown conversation so it an incomplete dialog but it had a lot of clues :)

                                                        >>>>>>>THE END<<<<<<<<

since when...

Since when i listen to a rock song,just imagining me...listening to a rock song but its nothing much,just a song which sang  by paramore-Brick by boring brick.I like the song so much because the music has a very cool tune ahha but seriously i love most of the Rnb songs especially snsd"syu nyeo shi dae"girls' generation songs the most of the k-pop hehe but i do like the other k-pop as well like for example super junior and the others not only korean but also malay and english songs heeh :) based on RnB ehhe :)

Since when i practice my dance completely,eheh today i tried to dance with power but i did manage some of the dance with the same as the original dance steps which is the song sang by SNSD-Gee :) i dance and dance along with  my cousin Ashley and Ryan we had fun in my room dancing today so yeaa i will teach them to dance like some of the video as well im teaching my self too :) eheh so yeaa good luck and happy practicing :).So yeaa i complete my sally and the patch collection episode one {sally's beginning}today but i did change some of the story and episode two part 1 would be soon but i still dont know when eheh so yeaa happy reading it everyone :) for more info just visit my second blog which is my stories that i've authorize at "" so have fun and enjoy my stories and with illustration would be coming soon okay thanks for your full support :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Everytime and everyday music

Its like every day i view your photo and even listen to your favorite music like everyday and now i admire the song ehhe and i hope to talk with you soon :) just look at your photo didn't make any difference so now i feel that something really special had gone me mad"crazy" which i like it i think ahah okay this didnt make any sense so i will talk to you soon then eheh miss ya miss ya"just a word"

One month already :)

Hey look how long are we now?eheh im happy that were already a month :) its hard to chat with you so i decided to say something on my blog instead then....Hmmm i just want to you that "secret" eheh jk jk i will ask you if you are on your free tome buddy hehe its a very good news to me and my lil buddies :) dont worry about the secret question okay chill chill :) btw we had been friend one month now eheh :) like the other friend as well ok hope to talk to you soon