Saturday, July 10, 2010

its still precious

Its hard to forget about the good memories and moments but sometimes i feel like going crazy because it feel like there is a flame in your heart feeling that makes your inner feeling cost to burn....its hard to i dont know what are we now....should i emmm i dont know im so speechless because i do still remember when i wasn't sleeping for a day for chatting with ONII3 well to be honest ONII3 is very royalty..who had ONII3 on their sight is very lucky because ONII3 is very very kind to me..well i have nothing much to say i could not imagine how would i live after this burning feelings i hope ONII3 understands this even if ONII3 dont understand then its ok...I wish ONII3 had read all of my status in facebook and also my blog but it seems like ONII3 dont keep the promise that ONII3 would do it...ONII3 ever said ONII3 hate liars...But look at it...I never lie but try to look at it...its like a broken pieces now...i think i should try my best to leave but its hard because all of the memories is just too much precious because none of my friends ever do it like that to me unless ONII3 but i think now ONII3 has change maybe because of my fault so yeaa i should try to stop hurting my self and just let it be happy because all i want is to be happy but i think my mission for my self had fail so i rather see someone and something is happier than me so be happy ONII3 i hope you know how it i wish i never stay in earth but maybe in a fairy world like most of my dream would be...but its okay because it is just imaginary not real so i dont know what to do now....its all because of the burning flame...

next road

Now i dont know what to do with ONII3 stuffs so yeaa might keep them eheh so keep stop dancing and drawing and also write story eheh so yeaa into the new world and prove the others that my dreams it my own choice with is going to be real and a good one with clearer view eheh just wait and see i will be a author...btw toady i have a very different dreams since after i woke up from my beauty sleep eheh it was amazing i guess eheh :) but i forgot about it,its like telling me what is going on and etc eheh like a super vision XD eheh owh yeaa 


I Want to thank you to ONII3's friend for saying that in their post so now ONII3's having a secret so yeaa im so broken inside...obviously i want to thank you to mizzah my best friend from philippine for telling me the translation say yeaa now ONII3 is happy and now i know his secret..and i dont know what to do next with ONII3's picture,writing and etc...i just can forget it very yea ONII3 just forgot me okay and be happy always...i hope your much more happy with me and now you've got a pyramid and you day was completely done and complete and now I'm having a road to solve...because now im in the dead now im going to walk a lone again i though we could be a nice friend so i guess it just a lie from the way you sing me a song and stay late night together with me.....and talk and draw and write something on a piece of paper i dont care if ONII3 got a crush but the real story is He had making something behind me...urghhh i hate it...i could not forget about it easily so have a great life oNII3 is time for me to go and have a  huge walk...