Friday, July 9, 2010

I think im wrong

ONII3.....DID i ever SAID the WORD forever????well i do believe in it,but i just miss something like a piece to complete it....YOU ever said to me already complete your day when im with you...I do hope that you miss and think about me even you dont im still gonna be alryte because there is nothing else i could do...but without YOU as if like there is no music around me because we had same interest but i do want to get serious with it but i you didnt want to well it still gonna be alryte because i just want you to be happy and i dont you to be like someone that i know which is now ruing so i dont you to be broken and destroy but im really speechless when you ask me "~~~~~" fb...and yet i still keep it as a secret i even tell you everything about me...beside i never lie towards you but i depends on you now.....just tell me the answer if still like me or not.....But seriously i still like starts when you sang me a yeaa its was pretty cool

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