Saturday, December 19, 2009

BBQ IMAGE(18th december 2009)

yummyready for dinnering BBQ

I enjoy the BBQ dinner night well i ate so very slow ahha pity me shhh~
its was raining on that night and it stopped when the time i just finish eating my food...
but it still stormy on that night eheh well cheerz

Breakfast(19 december 2009)



This morning,i went to soon lee with my mother and my sister for having a break fast at ayamku resturant at the first floor.we just eat the food which is light and drink a warm cup of tea for each of us. 

I Wish

Everyone has a wish.I know it is not just a wish but maybe more than 1 wish....
But for me wish is just like a word can cheer me up for example "I wish I can understand korean language"and etc...It is just a word any way.But if i really-really want to understand that language i can always try to search it on the internet or any use full thing that can make me understand or maybe one day i can speak korea and Read korea alphabet heeh well just try harder who knows..