Friday, July 9, 2010

if i wonder

I always wonder who used to view my facebook profile ahah hmmm could be you...Whoo"yuhoo" ahha got it haha it doesnt matter who :) but it make me feel curious if someone had view my profile or not i do hope ONII3 view it and as same  i wonder if ONN3 would view my blog ahahi wonder what did STOIC is....and i always wonder what are they talking afraid if ONII3 search for someone special or greater then me...IM JUST AFRAID TO LOSE ONNI3 BESIDE I DONT FEEL SO SAFE WITHOUT ONNI3.....i hope ONII3 could be the thing which protect me always i always wanted something like that hmmm just wonder if ONII3 could do that...but its so complicated im so far away with a stuff Call ONII3 and i never know what IT always do...well i always been faithful and believe and trusted ONII3 since the time ONII3 sing me a song and show it how much does it care...BTW ONII3 in a fact secret it between me and friend only knows so ONII3 dont get confuse alryte ahah

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