Friday, July 2, 2010

since when...

Since when i listen to a rock song,just imagining me...listening to a rock song but its nothing much,just a song which sang  by paramore-Brick by boring brick.I like the song so much because the music has a very cool tune ahha but seriously i love most of the Rnb songs especially snsd"syu nyeo shi dae"girls' generation songs the most of the k-pop hehe but i do like the other k-pop as well like for example super junior and the others not only korean but also malay and english songs heeh :) based on RnB ehhe :)

Since when i practice my dance completely,eheh today i tried to dance with power but i did manage some of the dance with the same as the original dance steps which is the song sang by SNSD-Gee :) i dance and dance along with  my cousin Ashley and Ryan we had fun in my room dancing today so yeaa i will teach them to dance like some of the video as well im teaching my self too :) eheh so yeaa good luck and happy practicing :).So yeaa i complete my sally and the patch collection episode one {sally's beginning}today but i did change some of the story and episode two part 1 would be soon but i still dont know when eheh so yeaa happy reading it everyone :) for more info just visit my second blog which is my stories that i've authorize at "" so have fun and enjoy my stories and with illustration would be coming soon okay thanks for your full support :)

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