Friday, July 9, 2010

if i wonder

I always wonder who used to view my facebook profile ahah hmmm could be you...Whoo"yuhoo" ahha got it haha it doesnt matter who :) but it make me feel curious if someone had view my profile or not i do hope ONII3 view it and as same  i wonder if ONN3 would view my blog ahahi wonder what did STOIC is....and i always wonder what are they talking afraid if ONII3 search for someone special or greater then me...IM JUST AFRAID TO LOSE ONNI3 BESIDE I DONT FEEL SO SAFE WITHOUT ONNI3.....i hope ONII3 could be the thing which protect me always i always wanted something like that hmmm just wonder if ONII3 could do that...but its so complicated im so far away with a stuff Call ONII3 and i never know what IT always do...well i always been faithful and believe and trusted ONII3 since the time ONII3 sing me a song and show it how much does it care...BTW ONII3 in a fact secret it between me and friend only knows so ONII3 dont get confuse alryte ahah

winx club-winx enchantix lyric

winx club enchantix :)

i know fantasy....

I know fantasy has existed in our real world but only that we couldn't see it and feel like it...But we all do know fairy tales always starts from our illusion and our own creativity for our imagination...well dont think that it will make you like going mad and only just that i give us relaxation in our own mind for and example like thinking that something give you peace and relaxing in your own mind you even could write your own stories like how i did mine....for an example like the sally and the coin collector and etc hhehe it was amazing and normal to children mostly because they like fairy tales during childhood which is good for our own memory XD

Im gonna prove it to all of you people

Everyone though im this and that which is like immoral things to said and yeaa im sure im gonna prove to everyone that im nice and kind it doesnt mean im soft that is IM GAy so yeaa you people are people dont know me from the inside because you people only can comment people from the outside like a if you people are so very perfect so yeaa just beat it....Im sure im Not GAY!!!!!!!which is  IM INNOCENT!!!!
You people would laugh and comment about me by now...just let see one day who would laugh back doesnt mean that i have the feeling to be mean like that means i really want to do it back like that....well i am not going to do like that....well im sure im still going to help the others as well even they laugh at me by now and never feel sorry XP

SO yeaa just wait and see even i have a soft voice....i am still a man!!!and a nice young person.....

I think im wrong

ONII3.....DID i ever SAID the WORD forever????well i do believe in it,but i just miss something like a piece to complete it....YOU ever said to me already complete your day when im with you...I do hope that you miss and think about me even you dont im still gonna be alryte because there is nothing else i could do...but without YOU as if like there is no music around me because we had same interest but i do want to get serious with it but i you didnt want to well it still gonna be alryte because i just want you to be happy and i dont you to be like someone that i know which is now ruing so i dont you to be broken and destroy but im really speechless when you ask me "~~~~~" fb...and yet i still keep it as a secret i even tell you everything about me...beside i never lie towards you but i depends on you now.....just tell me the answer if still like me or not.....But seriously i still like starts when you sang me a yeaa its was pretty cool

Theres nothing else i could do

HMmm today i feel different towards another person like a lot of person...Its hard to explain...but they all was like so very active and strong and i was like weak and no confidence but my best friend ask me to think positive but i think now every things has change...I know i might be usefull,might be stupid,might be any thing that i sure im gonna prove them that they all were wrong because i know who i am...And i am what i am not like those immoral people..but i feel like theres no one could understand me i even feel left out through ONII3's well everyday i try to make my self happy by seeing those picture and draw and decorate something with ONNI3's tag on it but nothings hasn't change...Because ONNI3's still dont reply my text....ONNI3 is happy with ONII3 self and what ever which surrounding ONNI3's side well i felt left out all i want to be just be happy and think that someone love me for the best and yet i think i dont deserve anything because i feel like i dont belong to the world...I got nothing in me....Which i always felt that people hate and dislike me a lot so yea now is the end of the road...Got nothing else i could do...But i do really hope that ONII3 still like me and think about me..even he dont im still gonna be alryte and yet i dont know what to do next...Beside im with ONII3 for 1 month and 9 days already so yeaa i wish I .................................................................................................