Tuesday, June 8, 2010

still waiting

wait wait and wait like so much every time

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sigh part # 3

 #cant stop looking at your blog.....cant stop looking at your photo...cant stop listening to your music.....cant stop reading the word you wrote and that you said.I wish to chat with you like we used to...even see you like we uesd to...peace,joy,cheers,happy and etc :D like you used to say im the GENIE for you :D #

just a great day

Today i have good luck and also bad luck but im okay with it :D
in the morning....i woke up....i gave all of my 4 cats(snowflack,blacky,clumsy & percy) a bath for their cleanness.It was fun though....then in the evening...for the 1st time i help my dad do the car stuff with my mom....emm around 6.45 i think rain started to fall so only left me and my dad luckily my 2nd brother has arrived me,my dad and my bro do the car together but for me it was fun but tiring :D and then at night i go and took my shower and well still waiting for someone i do hope that they online :D but if they still okay with it hmmm "sigh" i even have a lot to say just look at their blog and pictures is still not enough :( but its okay :D

i miss mY friend so badly SIGH Part #2

it seems like we dont chat for a long night already because this friend is sometimes busy and so am i..........
We only chat at facebook but for a short time like a tutorial chat...hmmmFt(sigh) i know were far distance but i believe we still can be special cares about long distance ryte?since we're friend so thats make time and distance special :D.....i hope my friend READ all of my post like how i read theirs and i want to apologize to the friend because of my lap top restart and i was afalling asleep while im waiting i hope today we still can chat even tonight.....beside im happy to wait becuase IMY so badly my lil buddy friend HMmmmm i know its hard and complicate but we should not give up and try it until we reach and get to it :D okay then......-

owh i se

im so sorry to a friend..i didnt know beside my lap top off by it self im really sorry i know im so mean :(
but it close by it self :(