Thursday, July 15, 2010

ONII3 day is soon...hmmm tth history,,,

I want to say happy advance birthday to ONII3 its okay if ONII3 dont read this because i dont feel like it any more hmm its alryte its okay but i still like ONII3 but if ONII3 dont like me im still okay with it eheh yayayayaya.....
btw since we have 4 day holiday because of the sultan his majesty birthday and and HM comming to K.B some of the subject teacher gave us homework which is so many and difficult luckily i finish it already ahha yeaa.... and this week im gonna meet my friend from singapore so yeaa i would like to welcome him and i hope he enjoy his day here in Brunei well he is going to be here maybe on saturday until monday ehhe so yeaa not sure hehe...
So later im going to have BBQ at home i wish i have the mood like eating fried food later egeh so yeaa

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