Friday, July 9, 2010

Im gonna prove it to all of you people

Everyone though im this and that which is like immoral things to said and yeaa im sure im gonna prove to everyone that im nice and kind it doesnt mean im soft that is IM GAy so yeaa you people are people dont know me from the inside because you people only can comment people from the outside like a if you people are so very perfect so yeaa just beat it....Im sure im Not GAY!!!!!!!which is  IM INNOCENT!!!!
You people would laugh and comment about me by now...just let see one day who would laugh back doesnt mean that i have the feeling to be mean like that means i really want to do it back like that....well i am not going to do like that....well im sure im still going to help the others as well even they laugh at me by now and never feel sorry XP

SO yeaa just wait and see even i have a soft voice....i am still a man!!!and a nice young person.....

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