Friday, July 16, 2010


Last night i chat with ONII3 well i dont know ONII3s life style so yeaa i think ONII3 has change every thing in it i guess I'm not in ONII3s mind anymore so yeaa Im happy for ONII3 and i would like to thank you to ONII3 and say happy advance birthday well i guess im not gonna see all of ONII3s drawing anymore ahha gonna miss that one and i would never forget about our friendship and also i would never regret by knowing you i do hope you dont regret too so yeaa i would say hope you completed your day and have a very great life and good luck and finally have a very bless day to you so i hope you be happy everyday and i want to apologize if i make some mistakes and if i make you mad hehe im really sorry so i guess still being friends with you eheh thank you so much for everything :)

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