Tuesday, November 3, 2009

test test test

OMG after my SPE exam,i just got another exam hehe luckly it was just mock exam heheh but i better dont have my holiday spirit first because after my mock exam im gonna have my SSSRU exam eheh which i think if i get good grade,im gonna finnish my ugmama school and say hello to my high school life heh maybe at the same school ehhe and then i can follow any activity that bi want ehhe yeah yeah ehhe but i better do the best it is because this is my final year for my ugama studies eheh well good luck for everyone too espcially to all of you,and my friend,cousins and family eheh and also good luck for everyone's result ok ehhe good luck and have a nice day -Muin@Masiang@Buuble'z-

My favourite tv shows sonny with a chane

This is the picture of my favorite tv show.It is because the show is full with comedy and Demi Lovato act in the story and she even act and have fun in the show call "SO RANDOM"well it is amazing eheh

and my favorite part is when the girl says"I WANT MY PUDDY"hehehe it really funny and yesterday i just watch about "THE FALL"ehhe it is when the time her co-worker used demi's idea as the heroes lozer four then THE FALL used demi for their plan eheh well their plan doesnt work any way eheh thanks to their friend hehe then before they  left the place she ask her co-worker to take the candy and sweet foods and they all ran away hehe

this is the leader of the falls ehheh