Friday, July 23, 2010


Its start from last week"sunday,18 of july"my friend which is like a brother to our family came here"brunei" for a was a very happy day to me...i like it,because i dont feel bored well since today"frida,23 of july"he went back to singapore...afetr his holiday here,everything has change,i feel so sad and bored because every time when i come home from school i always talk to him at home and now no more,,,i miss him so much oppa,,i wish i could meet him again as well as he wanted to meet me and also my family eheh i have a lot of great time with him...but today when we arrived at the air not yet sad even if im sad,im also happy for him that he could go back home hehe after going to miri.when we arrive at home...i study and call and also message with him and my friends so when nobodys i suddenly cry and drop a lot of tears which is before he call me...and then when he call i was shock that i continue crying with my funny voice which is not clear so yeaa i feel so bored without him around its too quiet here...hmmm i hope i could meet him again along with my parents too so yeaa cheers and good luck sya oppa

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