Saturday, July 17, 2010


So now i know...this is where i have to start to stand up and try to erase of the feeling well...i guess ONII3 dont care about it anymore so i guess i need to walk and start a new journey well it is not worth for me to force it because it is not that nice to force something which it doesnt really want something get it ahha so i guess i can help it hehe i do really admire it because no one ever sleep late just to wait for me hehe i wish to have somebody like that well i do but now every thing has change i wish i could make the world stop and keep rewind at the time and for me that time is the most wonder full things that i ever had eheh well now i guess have to keep forward and stop to hurt my self well i like the weather today it was dark and cold eheh i hope i can go shopping on the holiday with the same weather like this ehhe xoxo!!! well i guess i need to go now...i'll be waiting if...never mind then...

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