Wednesday, June 9, 2010

dear friend"re make from the net"just notice

-since we didnt chat for a long time did you miss me?
-do you know how it feel?
-what do you usually do every day when im not around?"morning,afternoon,evenining and night"???
-what time do you usually OL?
-what time did you wake up?
-what time did you sleep?
-when was it?"is it _____AM/PM???
-did you still want me???owh yeaa i still want you buddy XD
-before we say good-bye,what did the things that we usually say???
-did you always think of me in your mind?
-did you view and read my blog??
-did you have more answer??
-did you forget about me?
-what is the question that we used to say??(1)"are you mad?"or(2)"etc"or(3)"more than that,or maybe all..."
-what is OL???ahha lol
-want some more question??"i have a lot"??
-i got more just tell me the answer so i can chat with you on time dude :D
-owh yeaa before i forget..if you do have a lot of question you may ask me by blogging,message,either posts....
-cheers-GOOD LUCK~

sigh part # 4

owh shoot,almost got you there but too bad im to late to text you :( hope so later we chat at night will be waiting for it :D

i used it to think

mmm 2 hours ago you updated your blog and now which is around 5:49a.m earlier i updated my blog hmmm thats mean you had been OL at time i used to wake up but just now i over sleep which i suppose to wake up before three but my alarm didnt work that so much so its my fault too okay dont blame to much on you well its me the one who makes mistake all the time.....things is hard to do sometimes because every person is not so  perfect and good that much without a friend or any other person to help it own self,got it?if you dont i will explain it clearer to you lil buddy hmmm well i think i should go to bed again but before that,i go and do something important first hehe cheers ingat always :D hope you're OL later maybe noon my friend-RAINBOW-XOXO


hello its me again....HMM,things is a bit easy now seens i check on someones blogg which they see and check back mine....for a notice hmmm i actually my fault too like not telling when to open ym & fb.....and yes i do understand you,even you get to much stuff to do,i will always be alright with thatS ok buddy :D...owh yeaa thanks for seeing my blog as well as i did it back to yours ^^ owh and also good luck for your school...i hope we chat later :D cheers ...