Friday, May 28, 2010

friday 28 may 2010 farewell

good bye to this little kitty which died on 28 may 2010,friday
xoxo to jacob take care always jacob and always remember us ^^

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

exam exam

OMG exam is getting closer so i want to say good luck to everyone for the MID year exam ok have a successfully result never give up ok heheh cheers we can do it :D

party party party

Last week including yesterday i have parties...
well at friday we celebrated miss asmah birthday as well as our happy day...and then saturday night i went to my bff's house"ema".The party was amazing and im happy that she invited me,well her cake was so cute"hello kitty"well it have great taste too ehhe well her rabbit was awesome too because it look so very goth as well as exotic eheh :D
and then yesterday which is mothers day which is also my moms birthday,we had our dinner at seaview steamboat hehe its were nice ehehe the cake is oreo baked cheese ehhe yeaa gee gee gee and more gee :D

upload problems

OMG lots of photo to upload but im okay with it any way...let me share you something em...
its started when the end of the friday part at miss asmah house well it was fun and amazing eheh.On that time i was at home and then while i doing my work i wait for the full uploader and then i wait for a long long long time.
then so now i do it manually which is mpore than 200 i guess well im okay with it at least i can see hilarious and awesome photo so cheers

clumsy"her baby births"

ast week on saturday which is on the 9TH may is the birth date for my pet cat"clumsy".Her kitten is so very cute and adorable but rough like clumsy alittle ehhe...well i will post the picture soon

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

dear friends

o all my dear friends...I just want to say sorry if i did some huge mistake and also i hope we still can be friends like usually well you're not just any friend for me but you're the nicest bestie in the world as usual last but not list good luck for the exam okay cheers :D

oooo my...

Well exam is soon this 19th may and im so nervous and scared as well as some of the student and my classmate because we have a lot of subject to study every one is abit nervous about it and i hope everyone as well as me can do this exam and have good grade and stay together as the same class ... because its abit sad if we lost the classmate which we have been close together well i hope all the classes stay together and i wish for everyone as all as the student for the best well we can do it..."fighting" :D
~GOOD LUCK~especially to my best-est friends in the school and in my class and also to my classmate and also to the other student :D

Saturday, May 1, 2010

OMG again

Exam is coming soon so well good luck for all of the student for this mid year exam eheh and i might not be active updating because lot of things to study before exam eheh well cheers

extra extra yoow

everything is went normal today but too bad i left my book at pluto five and then when the time after maths extra janice,farah ameera and i went to pluto five and we ran very very fast and then when we went to the room i totally shock so we(janice and i)try to search my candy apple star cross story book lucky i can found the book and badly i lost my 4.90 me to you book but its okay eheh well i love todays weather its very very cool which is in the evening like now emm 3.15 pm ehhe well