Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bandar weekdays and weekend

Muin here...i've to bandar(BSB) three times in this week like usual went to the mall and etc.
tuesday 28 june 2010 with my (malung)second bro and her (manah)gf and their sister and brother and friend i have fun eating nasi katok and  play with the fullfy cat eheh its so very very adorable kawaii and 2 of july im with my parents well it was fun during that day but unfortunately it has no electricity when we went back home from BSB because that day it have storms and heavy rain during our journey but i like it though because it was so very cold and windy :)
I watch movie yesterday"3 july 2010",i watch senario Zoo movie its like an action and comedy movie and i like it so much but before that in the afternoon,i went to somewhere in gadong at  the food zone with my brother and his girl friend for the fifa world cup sticker business.We been there like for 3 and the half hours and there we sell and buy the fifa world cup sticker which is legally too.and then we went to escape which is around 7 o'clock in the evening.we ate there for an hour which we finished at 8 and then we went to hua ho kuilap and then go back to the mall.In the mall after we bought the cinema ticket,we(me and nisa) wait for my 1st brother(maming) at the ground floor while we waiting we look at the ego accessory shop for a while.....and then when my brother already has arrive at the ground floor..we went back to the cinema and watch the zoo movie but before that we bought pop corn and drinks and and i saw someone over there...i know i ever seen thats person its a male but a teenager he look a like a chinese boy band call top combine but i dont know their names so yea...i ever seen him when i was out going with manah and nisa during the 1st term holiday which i saw him near by the toilet haha but i wasnt lloking at that person it feels awkward so yeaa ahha.... to be honest im not a flirt or any thing with it im just saying things and you know talk about it beside im not like any other person because im innocent and i am me,my self okay so dont be misunderstanding if i could do any thing that time... i just want to be friends thats all i just want more and more friend because it awesome to have many friends :) so after the movie we went back home to k.b again haha i enjoy that day ehhe its awesome i hope i go to bandar again next week beside we all going to have holiday i hope i can see that person just to make friends like how i do to my other best friend and friends hehe XD

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