Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy fasting month 2010

Happy Fasting Month 2010 for all of the Muslim around the world.May Allah bless all of us in this very special month and good luck for the fasting count and hope no one had a short break for their fasting period.
Cheers and Good luck especially to my family,all of my friends and Muslims.
Happy fasting in the month of Ramadhan 2010

i want the old me back

I wish im am loud and brave like how i used to be in three years ago..because now i forget to speak very friendly and i just hope that i could be friendly like how i used to  be....i wish i have a friend which give me tips and advice on how to make friend with the new and the old friend...but i would still be great-full with what i had now like having some true friends,and etc....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I wish

I WISH I HAVE some others people like drawings,dancings especially,and then singing...because i want to perform someday but i dont think its a good idea even though my friend have a positive support for me to say yes...because i never get what ever i wanted and i sucks a lot in talent and stuff well i guess im gonna dance for fun every day like for fun which is wasting my think just because to get the good weight and thin...Hmmm if i could make a lot of wish...I'm sure i am gonna be happy like every time but its okay because its not reality which sometimes im not happy with it...but usually i used to get the "N.I.M" stuff,moody and sad mood just because of all of the reasons which i never gonna i used to say emm talents?interests?educations?everything....But i can't do any thing so yeaa i wish im gonna be happy always and not being most of the days

Lets forget about it

I am now strong for my self which im not flee like i used to..i am gonna forget about my relationships that had happen before which i am gonna forgive them and forget them like how i wanted well i like to be their friends but i don't think that i should think about them too much so now i think it is the right time to release it...which i don't regret and really like it...because what i think is majority all humans are the same...they don't think about a lot of people beside their self at first like how i think all the time like peace for the natures and people even environment around now i really know what is the real human like a bit of jerks and mean people because what they can say is being the best for their self and fight for their importance like for their popularity around them...well i guess people dislikes me which i guess i am being myself way to much...and maybe people hate me...unlike animals at least they won't harm me like so sudden...well maybe if im wrong i just want to apologize to everyone for being stupid and  well i think im going to go to bed...beside on Thursday 12 of August 2010 is going to have the fasting month for Brunei i guess....well good nite ^^