Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things that im gonna do :D

IM going to have my hair cut soon just because school starts next week onwards on monday 21st june 2010 :D.
Im going to wrote and continue my previous story and also new story is soon which authorize by me eheh cheers
And yeaa i need to find $5.00 coins again like usual O_O.eheh well good luck to me and yeaa im going to be busy and might not update my blog and im going to learn dancing steps as well and also have a lot of things to yeaa good luck :D

happy visiting 15 june 2020

Yesterday,{15 june 2010}Me,my parents,my grand fatherand my sister have a trip to Malaysia area by car,which is at Lawas and Turusan.we even bough some snacks at the oil filling station,so we eat it in the car.So then,The trip was tiring and it was raining during we're on our way home from the area.We ate at sugar bun when we arrived at the lawas area which is after our visiting at Turusan area and then after we finish having our lunch there..we went to my moms relative house.while my moms uncle have tution for his student was great though :D even it was raining,And then we went back to turusan again and visit again like usual,after turusan we went to the other relative near by which is after the ferry port.after all the visiting,we all went back to Brunei.we arrived at night late evening around 9PM.So we had our dinner at SCR,Bunut area near by hua ho bunut.After we had our dinner we went to hua ho bunut and also Le apple bakery.After that we went back to our own homes :D