Monday, June 7, 2010


Talent could be anything,like dancing,singing,and etc...woaa,every body can play music which im not so talented like them...but i do know how to play some of the instrument only that i wasnt pro ehehh but its still talent :D eheh cheers talents free to the others :D

SIGH part #

dear special seems hard to chat because it seems that were busy...and i miss you so very much my lil special friend...if i wonder if you felt the same towards me...Please dont ever break me....because you're so special to me :( .I know it hard for us to speak like the other but i really hope maybe just maybe one day we will meet,speak,chat,and etc...I hope you felt the same way always because im so afraid to lose a special friend...
for me,without it i couldn't be happy and smile like always...even IF we lost contact...i hope you still find me until you can like how i wanted to do the same thing to you....If i do have pair of wings i would fly to you so we can see how did we look like...but it is just FANTASY and DREAMS which wouldn't be easy to happen...
to be honest i really really miss you and a little bit sad i know you have a hush like i did...To be honest again,almost every night i on my lap top just to wait for you well it seems like your not there but im not going to give up but if it didnt i think i am going to........ wait for it.... :D

its been days

I miss my friend..i know they seems to be busy which is im okay with it....But i feel so sad sometimes which i miss them hehe but i do know one day we will chat like usual :D i really hope it very much as well your dear special friend please took your time im okay and fine here :D

aww thats so sweet (sorry complicated sentence)

awww :D there so special to me thanks for all the words and things ehehh i like them all even your post hehe
i miss you all my friend even to my special friend too or any type of friend and i want to say a very thank you to my friend for giving me an advice about the secret thingy as someone said to me you should share you feeling and expression to your real and true best friend as they can keep your secret,give you an advice and sincere to listen it eheh :D and btw true firend is sure hard to find and i know some of them were like my brothers and sister which is some of them in the other places were a true friend :D
thank you very much and quiet xoxo <3