Thursday, June 17, 2010

so glad :)

Im so happy that some of my task is already done such as getting my hair cut and my dance rehearse :)
Other than that i totally manage to wrote a story call "soffie and the coin collector" which is premier on Thursday,17 June 2010.So im still going to continue some of the other stories that i've been planing on which is now on progress is "me and my magical shoes" just finish part 1 and the one which is coming soon is called"The wisdom illustration".heheh im so not going to gave up,so wish me luck i hope i can finish it and make it a great improvement to write the story properly :D.So i want to apologize if i had make a lot of mistake in my sentence but at least i try and it is a huge problem for me,so im really really sorry and i do need some of your help(reader).Because this is all i want to be when i grow up one day :)

And also since were going to start our school i want to say good luck to the others for the busy time and thanks for reading my blog and also the story which i've been written  :D.

Sophiee and the coin collector

The story starts from,Once upon a time,there was a little girl,name Sophiee.She is some kind of human and a half pixie.Then when her parents wasn't home.She used to collect coins from her parents money bags(hand bags in our world) for her uses...beside her parents have a lot of coins at the other money bags as well...So with the help of her little friend,so they easily get the coins and counted them after the took the coins which is been kept in their coins collector box.When the coins that they collect is complete in their amount that they aimed,Sophiee used her magic sport transporter to the credit shop to bought her credit dust.So when they return home,she used the credit for her communication.So in the real world as her little buddy also say all of the credit all over the house.She felt sorry after her collection but she still doing her coin collection as well for her next collector.
                                                                  THE END