Saturday, July 10, 2010


I Want to thank you to ONII3's friend for saying that in their post so now ONII3's having a secret so yeaa im so broken inside...obviously i want to thank you to mizzah my best friend from philippine for telling me the translation say yeaa now ONII3 is happy and now i know his secret..and i dont know what to do next with ONII3's picture,writing and etc...i just can forget it very yea ONII3 just forgot me okay and be happy always...i hope your much more happy with me and now you've got a pyramid and you day was completely done and complete and now I'm having a road to solve...because now im in the dead now im going to walk a lone again i though we could be a nice friend so i guess it just a lie from the way you sing me a song and stay late night together with me.....and talk and draw and write something on a piece of paper i dont care if ONII3 got a crush but the real story is He had making something behind me...urghhh i hate it...i could not forget about it easily so have a great life oNII3 is time for me to go and have a  huge walk... 

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