Sunday, December 27, 2009

Things that i used to cheer up with....

There is a lot of way to cheer up others and your own self.But the way i used to do when i didnt have any mood is....Chatting with friends including az,irahMini,hani,my cousin and my friends and family and etc,and then watching my favorite movies and cartoon or anything is on the television,listening to my favorite songs just like korean and english and etc(super Junior,wonder girl,demi lovato,taylor swift,owl city and etc...)sometime i like to be alone for a while or maybe longer until i feel fine :) or maybe just having a hot cup of hot choclate either tea,ice cream and etc eheh any food that i like or maybe playing video games :) well happy cheering up if you are not in the mood so cheerz everyone and have a nice day O:),

Saturday, December 26, 2009

To be Honest :)

To Be HONEST, I have a diffirent feeling through wards others in this world like for me im not a special person in this world well i know i am such a spoiled brat.well sometimes i dont even felt like that.the most feeling that i have is im not special well as i know i cant do any thing right i feel that i am bad and wrong type of person...I wish i can be a complete person such as nice and good in doing stuff well this wish is more bette rrather than i wish that i ***** E____S(secret answer)But its okay i just accept what i just have and always be patient everyday which i try harder and harder.Sometime's i feel that i didnt even have my cheer again it is because i have more luck to change and then i cant make friend easly sometimes i feel like im a nobody but it still okay to me ehhe well have a nice day everyone and always cheering :)

Hate It

Hello There,today i just want to share about my feeling through wards some one.I really really hate fake people,hmm if i wonder why would people like to faking their self hmmm or maybe i know some of the reason for example they just want o have a lot of friends,and then so that people like them and etc...Why Can they just be their selfs?Is it being Ourself is a tough stuff to do?well i dont think SO...Well now on i just try to be patient and chill up ^_^ and dont care about others like usual just like being on the other side of the world like alone in the dark.That's keep me chilling up ehhe rather than doing bad stuff huh eheheh.Well i just want to say sorry if some of these words that i share is hurting your feeling well i just to share it thats all well have a nice day everyone eheh :)

~here a song for myself~Jonatha Brooke - I'll Try Lyrics

Jonatha Brooke - I'll Try Lyrics

I am not a child now.
I can take care of myself.
I mustn't let them down now-
Mustn't let them see me cry.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm to tired to listen.
I'm too old to believe:
All these childish stories.
There is no such thing as faith,
And trust,
And pixie dust.
I try,
But its to hard to believe.
I try,
But I can't see what you see.
I try.
I try.
I try.
My whole world is changing,
I don't know where to turn.
I can't leave you baby,
But I cant stay and watch the sitting burn;
Watch it burn.
'Cause I try,
But its so hard to believe!
I try,
But I can't see where you see.
I try.
I try.
I try and try,
To understand,
The distance in between:
The love I feel,
The things i fear,
I dearly say good dream.
I can finally see it.
Now I have to believe:
All those precious stories.
All the world is made of faith,
And trust,
And pixie dust.
So I'll try,
'Cause I finally believe!
I'll try,
'Cause I see where you see!
I'll try.
I'll try!
I'll try!
I'll try-
To fly.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

LIttlest pet shop

Littlest pet shop Website
I Love collecting Littlest Pet Shop.Its is because all of the animal's is so adorable and cute and also  all of them are collect-able.It also have different kind of pet and lots of different brands and designs.Well i have alot of the LPS collection at home.My favorite Pet brand is the cuddlest pet,the sassiest pet,the punkiest pet and etc...Everyone can say that i love all of them but my parents didnt let me to collect the dogs and wolfs of the LIttlest pet shops.Well i wish that i can have the deco pets well its hard to find in the "Toy'R'Us" and "Nanyang" toys shop and i also wish that i can have all the LPS collect-able pet that i want.~XOXO~

chatting with friend

Chatting with my friend AZ.He always chat at night even late night until morning,around 2-3 a.m hehe.Cheerz to everyone....


Carebear's logo

Carebear's teddies

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Todays activeties(22 december 2009)

Have fun with invite's hehe :) From Irah's messenger.
From My messenger


Monday, December 21, 2009

Dinnering with my parents(20 december 2009)

  Vanila delight
Its was on Sunday evening,i was having dinner with my parents well my dad come to the WyWy resturant abit late so thats why i'm playing my my PSP Camera while waiting for my daddy.hehe It is heavy rain at that night.But it is still fine to me.I guess haha LOL...

Todays weather

 This Morning i woke up in 8.40 a.m and then get ready until 9.10 a.m.And then my family and i having a breakfast in lumut area.And then we straight away zoom to bandar then we stop at empire Hotel to pick up our relative's for Singapore.They were so very friendly and kind.After that we went to Serasa Beach just for side seeing eheh it was fun and then we went to a resort for our lunch well im not sure what was the name of the resort  but it was amazing ehhe well i did enjoy todays activities.then we brang them seeing again until we sent them back to empire hotel ehhe well there was a problem there which make me"not in mood"well it wasnt my fault that i took something hehe well they ask me to take it any way well just forget it hehe.And then My family and i went to they city and they drop my sister and i at the mall until 4P.M.after that we went to tutong just for having a short break like usual at a Shop which locate to hua ho tutong ehhe well i ate beef buger and my sister eat noodle from  Jollibee.luckly they dont having a break at "Aminah Arif resturant".It is because everytime we go to "Aminah Arif resturant" i always but Dairy Queen ice cream which is the end of the block of the shop.After that in the evening we went back to K.B.
 There is still more photo's from the other camera well im gonna post in this blog soon.well cheers

Saturday, December 19, 2009

BBQ IMAGE(18th december 2009)

yummyready for dinnering BBQ

I enjoy the BBQ dinner night well i ate so very slow ahha pity me shhh~
its was raining on that night and it stopped when the time i just finish eating my food...
but it still stormy on that night eheh well cheerz

Breakfast(19 december 2009)



This morning,i went to soon lee with my mother and my sister for having a break fast at ayamku resturant at the first floor.we just eat the food which is light and drink a warm cup of tea for each of us.