Monday, June 28, 2010

colour full colours

For me world wont be wonderful without colour full colours...We need colours because it help the world to be wonderful and it is the same as our passing marks for the exam if we had colourful bright colour for it,we will be satisfied and happy with it which is same as our choice and dreams that who ever want to be now i know im gonna give up dancing but no matter what im still gonna love dancing even though i cant do the dance now...Which is im gonna miss it so much :( ....But i think i better shut my self where ever i wonder THEY never had their dreams working on want to know why?they just said and hope it from what they say and yea they dont even practice and try it which is never been done before not even once so now i think i better choose what ever i want,which is have to be early before its too late like some people now.Now im not gonna let my self down and believe that i can do it no matter what people say...I dont need the others which i could support my self even if the others support,they might also let us down such as saying that were not good in our part but so what at least we believe that we can do it which is we try and give it more and more practice and also believe in our self.I know how it feels when "THE OTHERS LAUGH AT US WHEN WE ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING"...lets says it always have to be like that...its like our fight towards them like we can do it and never give up on what are we going to do so yea im very disappointed and felt sorry for the others especially the public,my parents and family and also friends if i had make something what you people dont want me to be well its my dream i just want to be happy as what i were and im sure that now everyone is happy that i gave up dancing which i dont to hurt my self towards the feeling which this i should tell anyone but i have too and let every one happy that i give up dancing so now i think i better open my fantasy and lastly i will let my mom take my phone because it is no worth by having my phone because its not so very important so yeaa just inbox me and message me through facebook okay cheers have a nice life and dont give up on your dream :)

I think im done with dreaming :(

dance is my the way how i expressing my feeling so now im gonna give up dancing for some main reason,bow i have no colourful life.which is I felt different today...which i want to done with my dream and choice like dancing and the others as well...its like no one want me to have a happy life..just look at me..sad life they doesn't even support me like as if they can do better than me..hmmm well i think this is the life..and i think i need to change as well so yeaa i really hope that i have a curse which is i cant speak forever just look at me...people always ignore what i say i feel like talking to the wall which is im trying my best to be better and nice to them which i think i cant do it so now i have to think positive about my self so i gave up what i like to do especially dancing now im so very very sad and tears are all over my eyes and i think people HATEs and DISLIKEs me too so im gonna say that im gonna have to leave dancing which is im going to miss dancing very much and i hope i could dance next time hmmm dreams with this type of people around me always make me wanna leave this world so i hope what ever i wish always come true eheh i want to apologize if i had make a lot of mistakes toward you people and now im gonna be quiet as you people want and make every body wished come true which is not to dance and being quiet which they always ignore me and i hope i never been born or any thing which make me feel better so thank you very much everyone you gave me the spirit

Sunday, June 27, 2010

todays weather ^^

Today weather its very important for me,guess what it has a dark cloud today and its raining but i do hate and afraid of thunder storm for today because its loud but it has stop with dark clouds hehe it was very cold today and i love it so much i t feel like want to go somewhere peacefull like a secret garden and the beach for playing around alone :) or maybe peaceful shopping ahha or or ice skating by wearing the right outfit for it like winters fashion ^^ yeaa i better spent today with a  properly time im sure i dont want to miss this lovely and peacefull day with tiring besides its weekends eheh have a great time people and for onii3 "secretly* L*** *o*" guess it correctly buddy take care always my friend i hope i can guess your secret words at your blog correctly haha study smart and be a good student always

26 June 2010 :D unexpected things

-I have a great time today,well at the morning,i woke up and then i did some of my morning things like subuh prayer and others,I realize that it was student day...haha so i hurry my self with wearing my school uniform and then at school i arrived early so i sent my homework to the B.m teacher with my classmate and then attendance been taken after the school yeaa during the talent show had been started,im so interested of it....people act during the drama contestant and people sing and play music"band" and also dance well i was amaze during all of the talent show so if there were a students day audition next year,I'm so going to sign up for dancing competition eheh if was ready for it....Just to express it self...

-In the afternoon i was shopping with my mother for her new clothes for the teachers night at she bought her self a clothes which is grey colour and its very smart though when i was while waiting for my mother for her to try the clothes on,i was walking around the store and admire some of the shoes which cost $ has very amazing design which i like it and it is in blue colour.and then when i went to the kids and toys section which is near the expensive hand bang location,i saw a designer kid which cost around $15.90 and the other designer kid which included stencil and colorful pens and sprays in the when i search for my mother which is after she try on her clothes,i took her to the kids section so i tell about the colour design mom did want to buy it for me..well i pity my mom so i rather left it then....

-Then i was suprice that mu movie night was cancel because of the others some reasons like my brother is working so i thought that im going to be home yeaa my moms friend bring her daughters to my house and play such as cooking,dancing,singing and hang out they were safiyah,saleha and suhaila .and then i was chatting with my pen friend,he is a very nice person and also loyalty though....then during our(me and the girls) eating moment which is when nobodys around at home.all of us was like a comedian like we make jokes and laugh while eating and cooking too ahha....and they go home around 11pm :).

-So and then around 12pm i was online and chatting in fb i was shock that Onii3s account,is wasn't only the user was "secret"sorry cant tell you either.Luckily i wasn't asking what i wanted to ask onni3 about something which is not a bad thing eheh XP/...ahha so around 1am either 2am someone told me that he going to meet me in Brunei which is my pen friend from from KL...which they around coming here in 17-20 July so i guess im going to meet them on weekends and told them about the sultans day festival"perayaan in our language".eheh so i slept around 2 am in my room and woke up around 10am and then back to bed until 11am

Friday, June 25, 2010

Now i got the answer

Hello i feel fine already since we had a little chat just now with a special friend :D
SO now im happy well its still raining over here and so yeaa i enjoy it with a great joy from you btw good luck for your reading and school business okay :D i hope to chat with you again soon please do take care and i will promise what i've been promise okay :D

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dont forget

Did you forget that I was even alive?
Did you forget everything we ever had?
Did you forget, did you forget about me?

Did you regret ever standing by my side?
Did you forget we were feeling inside?
Now I'm left to forget about us

But somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song, you can't forget it

So now I guess this is where we have to stand
Did you regret ever holding my hand?
Never again, please don't forget, don't forget

We had it all, we were just about to fall
Even more in love, than we were before
I won't forget, I won't forget about us

But somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song you can't forget it

Somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song, you can't forget it at all

And at last all the pictures have been burned
And all the past is just a lesson that we've learned
I won't forget, please don't forget us

Somewhere we went wrong
Our love is like a song but you won't sing along
You've forgotten about us
Don't forget

i feel different O_O

Hey...emm,I feel different towards you lil buddy,like you dont like me any more like you do...owh well even if its real i dont really mind it,I still like you but i dont know...but well good luck in your studies beside you need it very very so well i will be supporting you "hwaiting"you can do it"

I have nothing to say

I'm so confuse,maybe there's going to have answer soon i hope :)

Good luck to everyone

Hello hello...i want to say good luck to the other student for their result for their mid year exam well everyone had gotten their paper so yeaa good luck for report book card date ehhe
Student day is soon which is on this saturday 26 of june ehhe so thats mean i gonna come because the talent show start in the morning ehhe so yeaa but i wont come in the afternoon because im going to the city eheh yeaa i will enjoy it hehe.Emm i want to say thanks to my best friend JANICE for he rsupport about my failure marks ehhe and also the other for hanging and chit chat with me today eheh thank you very much okay
Emm,i had eaten a big cup of mix fruit yogurt and i taste so good :D eheh i even finish it when im in the car with my sister going somewhere eheh....Btw i have fun practicing dancing with my cousin ashley every night hehe its fun and amazing we dance gee and tell me your wish(genie) sang by snsd ehhe and now im learning the hardest dance of all which is the "into the new world- which is by snsd"eheh im so please with all of the people around me today
And finally,i want to say that good luck to a friend well i dont know if they still LIKE me or not hmm yeaa well its difficult MAYBE hmmm i dont know but yea I'm happy for them for their school  i hope that everything was alright with you ehhe god bless i hope i know your secret eheh jk jk :D <3

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

what i know

I know that,I have my best friend beside me but they just cant be right there fir me when i need them owh yeaa i understand that...well i promise that i wont leave them and i would be there if they need me like what i would want to do hehe i hope we could be so very close like how we used be...Name names"bf,bestie,bff,bffL and etc"
thats what we are hehe cheers

I feel so left out!

Muin here...I want to tell something that what happen today,i felt so abounded and left out.Just now i feel like bad luck,people were so mean to me today.I was trying to be so good and look what happen today,This morning after break time my class mate hide my pensil-case which i felt so very worried about my stuff because i bought it from K.k(Malaysia),well i know its funny for them so i make my self relax and try to fit in with the jocks that they try to made it funny....So when doing all of the c.s corrections,I totally focus writing and learning those correction...I felt distracted and feel lonely and said to my self as if i have no friend in school :( well i hope i can find whoms my true friend is which listen to my stories and give me advice any time when i need nor any thing with it.Then at home around the evening hour,I was on Fb-ing well this someone is online i dont know what...but i guess this FRIEND is busy with theirs school business and fb games,i felt so not important but i hope this FRIEND is fine and i hope i could chat with them and im sorry if i make you mad ,but really,now im crying and also i feel so very different  i could'nt describe it because today i felt really really sad after what has happen but im always okay with any thing i hope they felt the same but if they dont well its okay...and then at home there is SOMEONE whose having an arrogant look and with anger with the looks and dont even smiled at me,so dont you think i felt so different,hey let me tell you something what if people that you used to communicate with look at you like THAT?!?do you like that?!?I really really dislike that type of person especially liar,faker,wanna be,of course poklen,the person who think that there all that,rude and mean.But i dont really mind it if they do that,beside its who there are.Some times people was like backstabbing me well hello i never gossip bihind their back,and look what happen,hmmm i wish i have more and more wish to complete what ever i want ;'(....Hmmm i do really really hope that i have a very specially friend which who i could talk with and even have a advice with but it know it wouldn't be easy if there is that type of person.....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

schools stories

Hello usual...its Tuesday,hahah everything is seems to be normal today :D
At 5.30am i woke up and press my phone button to stop the alarm,too bad i over slept because i helped my sister doing something "her job" last night.SO i accidentally took a deep nap around 6am my mom woke me up early at that morning too bad again i miss my subuh prayer :( so i hurry my self to took a bath and wear my school uniform and usual drank milo before go to school...

At school,we're all seems to be quiet which we normally talkative and noisy ahhah....which is good that we have silent at the day...all of us met miss asmah this morning too,which she didnt teach us any more like pass of this mid year exam....Im sad that my result drop so i'll try harder to get higher marks next time at least i didnt fail any subject except for maths because the maths paper was like capital letter OMG hahah but its okay because all of us fail the exam paper 2....I want to dance but i dont go to the audition because i dont have dancing group at the school so i better dont join it then ehhe opps....well i dont know if i should come to school on this saturday ehhe well it will be my decision but i will try to come for the student day eheh cheers

Lastly before i'll go all i want to say is..............My home sick has cure a little just a bit messy mood heheh......And now i really really miss my best buddy i'll hope they did well at their school and i'll hope to chat with them sooner hehe take care....I'll also try to finish up my stories and will post it in my second blog eheh please wait for it okay I'll try my best to finish it with the best story as well i still need to study some of my subjects in school eheh ok then bye bye now


Monday, June 21, 2010

Home sick

Im home sick but i know it will cure soon after the parents meet"student report book day" wish me luck guys.
I hope i can have my rest  like usual,im planning to have a very long rest from thursday night to friday morning :D
heheh its the only way XP . I even get headache,homesick and lazy diseases....I even forgot how to write things very super fast like those good student but yeaa im included too well be back soon :D and good luck for my result and so as yours school time and result hehe cheers ^^

schools back :(

Hello there,,,,I might not update my blog but i will try to finish my story book 1 as fast as i can :D
I also might not be really active just because school starts already so yeaa now its already night.SO i better get for school because i need more rest...well before i go i want to say welcome back to school to the students and teachers and well i also want to share about what did i do just now at school...So well yeah...i woke up at 5.45 am in the morning its so very hard for me to got to bed because i miss my school holiday so yeaa i sleep and wake and sleep and wake until the time that i woke when im ready in school.I felt so very home sick and i feel like i wanna go home.but since i could meet my friend so we talk about our holidays like usual :D and then we all do our mid year exam correction and yet i did pass all of result for today subjects at school so i hopefully that i will pass all of the other exam papers well still home sick here but its okay and i'll hope that holiday start again soon :( sadly it took more than 3 months to wait for it "SIGH" :( .But im so happy that janice appreciated my gift....Well she like it and almost every minutes she took a little quick look at the poster as she continues and said im so very obsess well she is my best friend so i didnt want to embarrassed her...Sorry if you did :D and then finally it was school bell which ends at 12.30pm as i said finally HOME :) . So well while im waiting for my parents to pick me up,i talk to my friend,Farhana hehe we talk until my parents came and pick me up well like usual topic ;).....

In the afternoon,i went to a party with my sister at a beach which is well known here in K.B.It was my bestest friend mira which i called her with that name.SO we took picture and ate and drinks and yeaa i did enjoy it XD you could found the photo in my profile eheh which one of her friends tagg me :) .So when i got home,i was like"i need more rest!!!".well yeahh im so tired and so much kind of stuff but still HAVE to go to school.So that is the things that i've been through today hehe so got to go active soon....well you still can find me in my FB...

Good luck and take care and have a great time at school....Gosh i even forgot how to write thing quickly well duh....good student did need a lot of rest too ahha "JK JK" cheers and hope to chat with you soon buddy emm you know who :D take care yaa again :D

Sunday, June 20, 2010

my answer at the notes call "tag" try if you want to

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 100 Truths about you. At the end, choose who ever u wan to tag. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

(To do this,i dono how to explain you sendiri go find out youself =P)


1. Last beverage:
- plain water?is that count?

2. Last phone call:
- emm my mom

3. Last text message
- zulaikha,suhaila

4. Last song you listened to
- into the new world-SNSD and Pyramid-charice feat iyaz <3

5. Last time you cried:
- yesterday i think XD


6. Dated someone twice:
-no comment

7. Been cheated on:
- maybe...revenge!! jk jk

8. Kissed someone & regretted it:
- hmmm no comment again :)

9. Lost someone special:
- Always!!!

10. Been depressed:
- ahhaah maybe

11. Been drunk and threw up:
- never not even ONCE...NEVER!!!


12. all type of Blue
13. Black and white?
14. red


15. Made a new friend:
- always :)

16. Fallen out of love:
- hmmm no answer

17. Laughed until you cried:
- not even once

18. Met someone who changed you:
- maybe

19. Found out who your true friends were:
-maybe i hope so there is

20. Found out someone was talking about you:
- just talk ler...see their self in the mirror first!!!and never judge people from its cover

21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list:
- hmmm haha dont know maybe none

22. how many friends list do you know in real life:
- hmmm i dont know,maybe more than a hundred??

23. How many kids do you want to have:
- not ready to plan it yet!!

24. Do you have any pets:
- yup cats"clumsy,blacky,snowfle
cks and percy"

25. Do you want to change your name:
- nah its okay i like my name :)

26. What did you do for your last birthday:
- hmmm gift?headache and more gift and going out dinner

27. What time did you wake up today:
- around 9 in the morning

28. What were you doing at midnight last night:
- hmm going out to a movie and shopping and eat a little while and chat with onii3

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for:
- more school and meeting some one like artist?

30. Last time you saw your Mother:
- i dont know every time even now :)

31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life:
- first i wish for more wish and use it wisely for not doing any mistake like perfect

32. What are you listening to right now:
-emm pyramid-charice feat iyaz again?

33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom:
- ahha nope but i did talk to a Tom-Mato :)

34. What's getting on your nerves right now:
- i dont know maybe schools re-open !!!

35. Most visited webpage:
- facebook and youtube and my blog of course :)

36. Whats your real name:
- Mohammad Muinnuddin @ Masiang "My name!! no need my last name!!"

37. Nicknames:
- Muin,Masiang,ke-tom-bi,siang,bubbles,

38. Relationship Status:
- hmmm no comment

39. Zodiac sign:
- CApricorn

40. Male or female?:
- male

41. Elementary?:
- hmm i dont know this actually ehe.

42. Middle School?:
- pjn.

43. High school/college?:
- year 9 2010

44. Hair colour:
- black

45. Long or short:

46. Height :
- i dont remember it maybe aroun 154 i think

47. Do you have a crush on someone?
- hmm its normal

48: What do you like about yourself?:
- i dont know,"i think people dislikes me most of time"what i think laa

49. Piercings:
- none

50. Tatoos:
- i dont like,sorry not interested

51. Righty or lefty:
- meaing??


52. First surgery:

53. First piercing:
- nada baa

54. First best friend:
- emmm dont know who :( "my cat??"

55. First sport you joined:
- dancing?is that count?

56. First vacation:
- KL i think :D

58. First pair of trainers:
- hmmm unknown meaning X_X


59. eating:
- ice cream,candy,chocolate,corn beef fried rice yum yum XD

60. Drinking:
- emm feezy?emm blended mix like dessert :)

61. I'm about to:
- sleep?sigh for school!!

62. Listening to:
- hey...balik2 emm my hand typing on the key board ler

63. Waiting for :


64. Want kids?:
- not ready for it yet

65. Get Married?:
- dont know lets see

66. Career? :
- i dont know maybe a writer for a kids #1 favorite story books?study?a singer haha jk jk?


67. Lips or eyes:
- eyes.

68. Hugs or kisses:
- i prefer hugs, but kiss just depends

69. Shorter or taller: T
- i want medium hehe normal

70. Older or Younger:
-emm still medium and normal?is it count?so younger if it counts

71. Romantic or spontaneous:
- romantic i guess but spontaneous for...dancing haha enth ey...

72. Nice stomach or nice arms:
- both i think

73. Sensitive or loud:
- mostly sensitive

74. Hook-up or relationship:
- relationship hehe

75. Trouble maker or hesitant:
- dont ask me :D


76. Kissed a stranger:
- eee never

77. Drank hard liquor:
- OMG never!!

78. Lost glasses/contacts:
- haha i think

79. Sex on first date:
-eww not interested haahh

80. Broken someone's heart :
- maybe hehe sorry :(

82. Been arrested:
- me?why?Im Innocent to be arrested

83. Turned someone down:
- i guess so eheh sorry

84. Cried when someone died:
- ehhe nah but my cat died,which i cried hehe is it count?

85. Fallen for a friend? :
- ahha emmm to be honest hehe yup :)


86. Yourself:
- always but need time to think for decision usually

87. Miracles:
- depends

88. Love at first sight :
- ahha nope nope and lastly none

89. Heaven:
- awuler...

90. Santa Claus?
-ahha cerita dongeng if you want to see one you can wear its costume

91. Kiss on the first date:
- hmmm no thats to much

92. Angels:
- malaikat i does


94. Had more than 1 girlfiend/boyfriend at a time:
- Nope im not a flirt XP

95. Did you sing today?:
- usually everyday

96. Ever cheated on somebody? :
- no way never thats bad

97. If you could go back in time what will you do? treat him better? or guide him to be better:
- hmm i guide?him as in what????menaing?

98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be? being with him?:
- hmmm nothing day haha

99. Are you afraid of falling in love?:
- yeah, nobody let me so i agree with it O:)

100. Posting this as 100 truths?:
- hahaha i cant take it because its too much of question XD but mostly honest...try it :)

My 2nd BLOG

Hello guys,for you information...I have my another blog which is my second blog which is for my stories which i've been created and written by me.I gave it a title "TTH" as "things that happen"which is for short form and with a name call "TiTeeHace"so dont get confuse alryte :).SO,If you get interested in it just go to this web "" to read it and it also included sad,adventure,fantasy and more type of stories...
SO have fun reading it and enjoy it

as all


~Onii3~important for yaa

Hello my friend Onii3~I hope you read it~first of All,what I want to say is I Miss you a lot buddy....But one thing that im afraid it would happen to you and im so worried....Firstly,I want you to take a very good care all of your self and i dont want you to feel very hurtful and i know you're good and smart as a good student well i just want you to be like a good person and not a bad one and im afraid you would change to be a bit villainous....Like how i saw some of the people in the outer world...Well i miss you so very very much and you should know that beside look at your photo is not enough for me and some of the short chat which i call it "tutorial chat" is also not enough but i do know that your busy so i just want you to take a very good care of your self and i really meant it dear friend :) .Beside every day i always listen to the song call "Pyramid" because i know you like the song very much.....So i listen to it again and again every time when im listening my psp Mp3 songs hehe

So that i wanted to say and maybe more soon so please do take care yeaa my friend and  study smart always and relax and chill most of the time hehe peace :D GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND & HAVE A BLESS :D


sigh part # 5

I will not write any part and part any more for Sigh because it is so very obvious and easily to make the readers to recognize it.All i want to say is i dont think i would be very active with updating my blog since school had started already :) and also good luck to the others which whom has school and working hours.Emm have fun with school and study smart.

School starts soon :)

Good luck for the school re-open people and also happy fathers day 20.06.2010
I know that holiday is wasn't enough but we have to go to school with a great mood even though we dont but i know it would be fine but it will take a short time if we really really wanted like how did they did it to the holidays ehhehe....which means like we will not felt how long or how short will school day will start and also ends eheh :) cheers and good luck take care and have your great time and fun time at school :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

so glad :)

Im so happy that some of my task is already done such as getting my hair cut and my dance rehearse :)
Other than that i totally manage to wrote a story call "soffie and the coin collector" which is premier on Thursday,17 June 2010.So im still going to continue some of the other stories that i've been planing on which is now on progress is "me and my magical shoes" just finish part 1 and the one which is coming soon is called"The wisdom illustration".heheh im so not going to gave up,so wish me luck i hope i can finish it and make it a great improvement to write the story properly :D.So i want to apologize if i had make a lot of mistake in my sentence but at least i try and it is a huge problem for me,so im really really sorry and i do need some of your help(reader).Because this is all i want to be when i grow up one day :)

And also since were going to start our school i want to say good luck to the others for the busy time and thanks for reading my blog and also the story which i've been written  :D.

Sophiee and the coin collector

The story starts from,Once upon a time,there was a little girl,name Sophiee.She is some kind of human and a half pixie.Then when her parents wasn't home.She used to collect coins from her parents money bags(hand bags in our world) for her uses...beside her parents have a lot of coins at the other money bags as well...So with the help of her little friend,so they easily get the coins and counted them after the took the coins which is been kept in their coins collector box.When the coins that they collect is complete in their amount that they aimed,Sophiee used her magic sport transporter to the credit shop to bought her credit dust.So when they return home,she used the credit for her communication.So in the real world as her little buddy also say all of the credit all over the house.She felt sorry after her collection but she still doing her coin collection as well for her next collector.
                                                                  THE END

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things that im gonna do :D

IM going to have my hair cut soon just because school starts next week onwards on monday 21st june 2010 :D.
Im going to wrote and continue my previous story and also new story is soon which authorize by me eheh cheers
And yeaa i need to find $5.00 coins again like usual O_O.eheh well good luck to me and yeaa im going to be busy and might not update my blog and im going to learn dancing steps as well and also have a lot of things to yeaa good luck :D

happy visiting 15 june 2020

Yesterday,{15 june 2010}Me,my parents,my grand fatherand my sister have a trip to Malaysia area by car,which is at Lawas and Turusan.we even bough some snacks at the oil filling station,so we eat it in the car.So then,The trip was tiring and it was raining during we're on our way home from the area.We ate at sugar bun when we arrived at the lawas area which is after our visiting at Turusan area and then after we finish having our lunch there..we went to my moms relative house.while my moms uncle have tution for his student was great though :D even it was raining,And then we went back to turusan again and visit again like usual,after turusan we went to the other relative near by which is after the ferry port.after all the visiting,we all went back to Brunei.we arrived at night late evening around 9PM.So we had our dinner at SCR,Bunut area near by hua ho bunut.After we had our dinner we went to hua ho bunut and also Le apple bakery.After that we went back to our own homes :D

Monday, June 14, 2010

good luck friend :D

Its Monday today,so all of my Philippine pen friends started school tomorrow"Tuesday,14 june 2010"
All i wanted to say is good luck and study smart :) have a great time in school which my school re-open started next week on Monday ^^ im not very ready but i will try to get the highest mark as usual eheh :D
so good luck dear friends especially to you :) eheh cheers take care always....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

happy birthday 12/06

I just want to say happy birthday to a true good friend
Safiyah hehe hope your wish come true and have a great birthday and have a good always :D
and i just want to say sorry if i did a huge mistake and also thank you so much for being a friend for me hehe cheers good luck in your studies :D cheers

wow now its 120

ahah just a little bit more to say...
now i have 120 posts :D which is good for me i think :D
i hope you guys enjoying reading my blog beside im going to update more and more things soon...
now i might be not so active like onni3 :D
so you still can find me in fb,ym and msn hehe :D
Now im a bit busy beside school starts on 21st June 2010 i think eheh which is on Monday hehe need to be ready now eheh and also im going to show some of my own new stories,new design and etc ehhe cheers
have a enjoyable and a special holiday before it ends ehheh cheers

Good luck to YOU

***FIRST of all...I want to say good luck to my special friend for their school ORIENTATION :D . Hope you still maintain your good and best result and also being the top-est student in class.I wish you a very very good luck and also do your best in your study okay take care....gonna miss you lil buddy ;)***

I also hope we still can chat like usual but its okay just take your time yeah .... study very very well ... I'm gonna support you always okay don't worry about me all the time because i want you to focus on your studies and also your family and friends.Beside i promise to wait for you okay..i would be very very faithful and sincere to wait you happy always and one thing i couldn't lie...which is "***" ehehh I hope you know that very well and please ALWAYS be smart,nice and kind to the other,as well faithful okay ;D .Promise me okay and i would grant your wish and the promise that you want okay...hope to chat with you again soon XD
cheers..take care always...xoxo...
shhhh :D

Friday, June 11, 2010

dear someone....

Im not mad but im sad because i miss you so very much and im sorry if you feel so very hurt.Well its not your fault...its mine too because its my fault not to be online at the same time and im so very very miss you lil buddy as well as "I-L_u" too buddy XD but i know that we will have time to chat and im not going to sleep just because for waiting for you okay and I'll know that it will be okay :D please believe it,so that we can be calm :D cheers

Thursday, June 10, 2010

now this hurt a lot

DEAR BLOG,i have something to say well....Hmmmm it seems like someone dont wanna talk to me anymore.I felt so different since today,it was like someone hate and ignoring me,well i dont know if its true...they told me that they miss me since wednesday,9 june 2010.Are they just using me?dont they know what is the meaning of serious and miss with them a lot??hurmm i've been waiting for them since yesterday...i dont know what mistake that i've been doing,that make them so if they hate me or any thing why dont they just tell me?is it so hard?But its okay or maybe there might be a misunderstand well i just dont know and i feel so very different and sad hmmm i dont know what to say..i think i need to go now...excuse me for now :'(
cheer and have a nice day to all :)

prove it "seven thing i like about you"

Just a notice like the usual thing that i think what people like :D

1-your so nice to me...
2-you understands me
3-your hair is awesome
4-you're smart :D like the top student in class ^^
5-your cool
6-same interests
and lastly 7-your so very perfect to me :D

I THINK maybe these is the answer what people use to say eheh so cheers :D

dear friends"re make for part two"

In additional...
-am i special to you??
-am i important to you??
-do you hate me???
-mad at me????
-trust me?????
hey im still awake or is it a revenge??i need to do and learn my laundry dude and now im waiting not so much of sadness but its okay im the one who should be the blame well im really sorry because sometimes i need to like somethings about you towards other buddy i'll hope you understand :D and im so very sorry if i hurt you but im trying to be your best special buddy....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

dear friend"re make from the net"just notice

-since we didnt chat for a long time did you miss me?
-do you know how it feel?
-what do you usually do every day when im not around?"morning,afternoon,evenining and night"???
-what time do you usually OL?
-what time did you wake up?
-what time did you sleep?
-when was it?"is it _____AM/PM???
-did you still want me???owh yeaa i still want you buddy XD
-before we say good-bye,what did the things that we usually say???
-did you always think of me in your mind?
-did you view and read my blog??
-did you have more answer??
-did you forget about me?
-what is the question that we used to say??(1)"are you mad?"or(2)"etc"or(3)"more than that,or maybe all..."
-what is OL???ahha lol
-want some more question??"i have a lot"??
-i got more just tell me the answer so i can chat with you on time dude :D
-owh yeaa before i forget..if you do have a lot of question you may ask me by blogging,message,either posts....
-cheers-GOOD LUCK~

sigh part # 4

owh shoot,almost got you there but too bad im to late to text you :( hope so later we chat at night will be waiting for it :D

i used it to think

mmm 2 hours ago you updated your blog and now which is around 5:49a.m earlier i updated my blog hmmm thats mean you had been OL at time i used to wake up but just now i over sleep which i suppose to wake up before three but my alarm didnt work that so much so its my fault too okay dont blame to much on you well its me the one who makes mistake all the time.....things is hard to do sometimes because every person is not so  perfect and good that much without a friend or any other person to help it own self,got it?if you dont i will explain it clearer to you lil buddy hmmm well i think i should go to bed again but before that,i go and do something important first hehe cheers ingat always :D hope you're OL later maybe noon my friend-RAINBOW-XOXO


hello its me again....HMM,things is a bit easy now seens i check on someones blogg which they see and check back mine....for a notice hmmm i actually my fault too like not telling when to open ym & fb.....and yes i do understand you,even you get to much stuff to do,i will always be alright with thatS ok buddy :D...owh yeaa thanks for seeing my blog as well as i did it back to yours ^^ owh and also good luck for your school...i hope we chat later :D cheers ...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

still waiting

wait wait and wait like so much every time

More my favorite stuff



sigh part # 3

 #cant stop looking at your blog.....cant stop looking at your photo...cant stop listening to your music.....cant stop reading the word you wrote and that you said.I wish to chat with you like we used to...even see you like we uesd to...peace,joy,cheers,happy and etc :D like you used to say im the GENIE for you :D #

just a great day

Today i have good luck and also bad luck but im okay with it :D
in the morning....i woke up....i gave all of my 4 cats(snowflack,blacky,clumsy & percy) a bath for their cleanness.It was fun though....then in the evening...for the 1st time i help my dad do the car stuff with my mom....emm around 6.45 i think rain started to fall so only left me and my dad luckily my 2nd brother has arrived me,my dad and my bro do the car together but for me it was fun but tiring :D and then at night i go and took my shower and well still waiting for someone i do hope that they online :D but if they still okay with it hmmm "sigh" i even have a lot to say just look at their blog and pictures is still not enough :( but its okay :D

i miss mY friend so badly SIGH Part #2

it seems like we dont chat for a long night already because this friend is sometimes busy and so am i..........
We only chat at facebook but for a short time like a tutorial chat...hmmmFt(sigh) i know were far distance but i believe we still can be special cares about long distance ryte?since we're friend so thats make time and distance special :D.....i hope my friend READ all of my post like how i read theirs and i want to apologize to the friend because of my lap top restart and i was afalling asleep while im waiting i hope today we still can chat even tonight.....beside im happy to wait becuase IMY so badly my lil buddy friend HMmmmm i know its hard and complicate but we should not give up and try it until we reach and get to it :D okay then......-

owh i se

im so sorry to a friend..i didnt know beside my lap top off by it self im really sorry i know im so mean :(
but it close by it self :(

Monday, June 7, 2010


Talent could be anything,like dancing,singing,and etc...woaa,every body can play music which im not so talented like them...but i do know how to play some of the instrument only that i wasnt pro ehehh but its still talent :D eheh cheers talents free to the others :D

SIGH part #

dear special seems hard to chat because it seems that were busy...and i miss you so very much my lil special friend...if i wonder if you felt the same towards me...Please dont ever break me....because you're so special to me :( .I know it hard for us to speak like the other but i really hope maybe just maybe one day we will meet,speak,chat,and etc...I hope you felt the same way always because im so afraid to lose a special friend...
for me,without it i couldn't be happy and smile like always...even IF we lost contact...i hope you still find me until you can like how i wanted to do the same thing to you....If i do have pair of wings i would fly to you so we can see how did we look like...but it is just FANTASY and DREAMS which wouldn't be easy to happen...
to be honest i really really miss you and a little bit sad i know you have a hush like i did...To be honest again,almost every night i on my lap top just to wait for you well it seems like your not there but im not going to give up but if it didnt i think i am going to........ wait for it.... :D

its been days

I miss my friend..i know they seems to be busy which is im okay with it....But i feel so sad sometimes which i miss them hehe but i do know one day we will chat like usual :D i really hope it very much as well your dear special friend please took your time im okay and fine here :D

aww thats so sweet (sorry complicated sentence)

awww :D there so special to me thanks for all the words and things ehehh i like them all even your post hehe
i miss you all my friend even to my special friend too or any type of friend and i want to say a very thank you to my friend for giving me an advice about the secret thingy as someone said to me you should share you feeling and expression to your real and true best friend as they can keep your secret,give you an advice and sincere to listen it eheh :D and btw true firend is sure hard to find and i know some of them were like my brothers and sister which is some of them in the other places were a true friend :D
thank you very much and quiet xoxo <3

Friday, June 4, 2010

OMG this sucks

OMG OMG OMG..........
Im so stupid why would i tell my secret to some of my true friend but emm i dont afraid that they will tell about my secret its okay if they did tell...i still going to make my life go on!!!
Sorry to _____

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


t last my day has complete but i will try not to sleep late eheh im sure im going to have more fun and also practice for some stuff like dance,sing and also study eheh its fun ehhe well happy holkiday to everyone eheh cheers :D