Friday, July 2, 2010

seriously now im into you "just a note"

To people who dont understand this,,,,dint get serious with it okay i just got it from a web...just a line from a story......SO                                                              >>>>START<<<<<

-Now im totally inlove and into you like how you feel that towards me before...
-So i want to ask you a question but i dont want to ask publicly so i will wait you to have your free time for me to ask you at the right moment for a confirmation
-dont worry about is just about they friend list thingy thats all haha replied someone...
-ok ok ok
-started a song....
-So I said"i still remember the part when you sang a song to me,i hope i could listen to it again one day"
-I miss you badly said it again
-what now?you use to used that word and then OL
-lastly they said"i want to wish you a very good luck sorry can't expand it :) so yea have a great time,wish to see you again one day TC my friend"

most of it just a unknown conversation so it an incomplete dialog but it had a lot of clues :)

                                                        >>>>>>>THE END<<<<<<<<

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