Friday, July 16, 2010

my new favorite music to listen...

Hello guys...muin here now im interested in ALY & AJ's songs hehe it going to be in my music list such as in located in my blog and psp ehhe and now some of the songs from the other artist as well would still be in my music list...hehe i get some of the songs from a very special friend :) ehhe well i have a lot of dance move to learn such as super girl by super junior and NU ABO by F(x) and also Into The New World(remix) by SNSD"Girls' Generation" as well i learn more language like Hangul and Tagalog maybe other wordings in Hangul(korean) and also Japanese.I even continue to start a drawing a again like how i usually do when i was a little boy hehe but this time im gonna make it real maybe gonna learn some anime from Buttercup"best friend" and fairy-tales by the google search and winx club photo and stickers collection eheh peace well im gonna start to study as well but yet i need to start doing my scrapbook ahha well i promise a special friend which is the some person for not to let anyone see their page ehhe so i would answer "yes,i will promise that" but to my self i still answer the same answer but with detail"even..we are broken..i would still keep your promises" dont worry my friend and yeaa i hope my friend view my wall post in facebook as well read by blog posts in my Blog eheh cheers people    

Is it over??just a descripetion that i get from the net...

Is our relationships is over??If it is so im okay then and i hope if find somebody as same as you because i did say im afraid to lose somebody like you as a friend because i believe i couldn't find someone who stay up all day and night just for me and im so sad because that i lose you already...i miss all of your anime drawing,all your picture doesnt gave me the answer for all of my question we dont even chat like for a months and im afraid that we wont talk like we use to but for me being with you is a dream like how i said before and im happy being with you because you give me all those happiness spirits and i would never regret by knowing you and i just cant believe that you dont talk to me any more...i guess i have swept and gone from your mind?but i'm quiet okay with it...beside there is nothing else i could do to make you like me like how we use too please dont forget about me ... because your a very special person for much more than a best friend but its okay if we are not what like i i wish you luck and i want to thank you and i hope all of your day is complete with a full of success so yeaa be a good person always


Last night i chat with ONII3 well i dont know ONII3s life style so yeaa i think ONII3 has change every thing in it i guess I'm not in ONII3s mind anymore so yeaa Im happy for ONII3 and i would like to thank you to ONII3 and say happy advance birthday well i guess im not gonna see all of ONII3s drawing anymore ahha gonna miss that one and i would never forget about our friendship and also i would never regret by knowing you i do hope you dont regret too so yeaa i would say hope you completed your day and have a very great life and good luck and finally have a very bless day to you so i hope you be happy everyday and i want to apologize if i make some mistakes and if i make you mad hehe im really sorry so i guess still being friends with you eheh thank you so much for everything :)