Friday, July 16, 2010

Is it over??just a descripetion that i get from the net...

Is our relationships is over??If it is so im okay then and i hope if find somebody as same as you because i did say im afraid to lose somebody like you as a friend because i believe i couldn't find someone who stay up all day and night just for me and im so sad because that i lose you already...i miss all of your anime drawing,all your picture doesnt gave me the answer for all of my question we dont even chat like for a months and im afraid that we wont talk like we use to but for me being with you is a dream like how i said before and im happy being with you because you give me all those happiness spirits and i would never regret by knowing you and i just cant believe that you dont talk to me any more...i guess i have swept and gone from your mind?but i'm quiet okay with it...beside there is nothing else i could do to make you like me like how we use too please dont forget about me ... because your a very special person for much more than a best friend but its okay if we are not what like i i wish you luck and i want to thank you and i hope all of your day is complete with a full of success so yeaa be a good person always

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