Saturday, July 17, 2010

is it good bye?

SO i want to say good bye to somebody that is very special to me..i guess im not that special to them which i use to say ONII3 maybe they had forget ing me already so i want to say thanks for all this time..i guess i'm not gonna see your drawing any more so i guess you'll be the person that i fall in love with im so sick of waiting well things has change when you had come i guess im gonna miss all the time...i guess im not gonna find a friend like you who wait for me from mid night to morning just for me well i think im gonna miss that day...that is the most wonderful day for me..i guess it is not going to happen again well for the last...i would never regret by knowing you..and i want to thank you so much for everything and please dont regret by knowing me but if you do...then its okay well life have to go on i guess im gonna miss you and good bye but yet i cant forget about the precious time and though i will keep it in my mind and all of my post too but im gonna have to clear and change everything and start a new path...wish me luck..well i guess the last time im gonna talk to you is your birthday well i still wish that i could bring back the time well it seems i cant do that so yet i want to say sorry if i did some mistakes and sorry for making you mad at me...and also thank you for giving me your time and your lesson to so please to meet someone like you who has the same attitude and the same style and the same favorites which has the same as my favorite thing..and also the same person like you i really wish it i hope i can get it...well its time to change

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