Monday, June 28, 2010

I think im done with dreaming :(

dance is my the way how i expressing my feeling so now im gonna give up dancing for some main reason,bow i have no colourful life.which is I felt different today...which i want to done with my dream and choice like dancing and the others as well...its like no one want me to have a happy life..just look at me..sad life they doesn't even support me like as if they can do better than me..hmmm well i think this is the life..and i think i need to change as well so yeaa i really hope that i have a curse which is i cant speak forever just look at me...people always ignore what i say i feel like talking to the wall which is im trying my best to be better and nice to them which i think i cant do it so now i have to think positive about my self so i gave up what i like to do especially dancing now im so very very sad and tears are all over my eyes and i think people HATEs and DISLIKEs me too so im gonna say that im gonna have to leave dancing which is im going to miss dancing very much and i hope i could dance next time hmmm dreams with this type of people around me always make me wanna leave this world so i hope what ever i wish always come true eheh i want to apologize if i had make a lot of mistakes toward you people and now im gonna be quiet as you people want and make every body wished come true which is not to dance and being quiet which they always ignore me and i hope i never been born or any thing which make me feel better so thank you very much everyone you gave me the spirit

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