Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good luck to YOU

***FIRST of all...I want to say good luck to my special friend for their school ORIENTATION :D . Hope you still maintain your good and best result and also being the top-est student in class.I wish you a very very good luck and also do your best in your study okay take care....gonna miss you lil buddy ;)***

I also hope we still can chat like usual but its okay just take your time yeah .... study very very well ... I'm gonna support you always okay don't worry about me all the time because i want you to focus on your studies and also your family and friends.Beside i promise to wait for you okay..i would be very very faithful and sincere to wait you happy always and one thing i couldn't lie...which is "***" ehehh I hope you know that very well and please ALWAYS be smart,nice and kind to the other,as well faithful okay ;D .Promise me okay and i would grant your wish and the promise that you want okay...hope to chat with you again soon XD
cheers..take care always...xoxo...
shhhh :D

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