Monday, June 7, 2010

SIGH part #

dear special seems hard to chat because it seems that were busy...and i miss you so very much my lil special friend...if i wonder if you felt the same towards me...Please dont ever break me....because you're so special to me :( .I know it hard for us to speak like the other but i really hope maybe just maybe one day we will meet,speak,chat,and etc...I hope you felt the same way always because im so afraid to lose a special friend...
for me,without it i couldn't be happy and smile like always...even IF we lost contact...i hope you still find me until you can like how i wanted to do the same thing to you....If i do have pair of wings i would fly to you so we can see how did we look like...but it is just FANTASY and DREAMS which wouldn't be easy to happen...
to be honest i really really miss you and a little bit sad i know you have a hush like i did...To be honest again,almost every night i on my lap top just to wait for you well it seems like your not there but im not going to give up but if it didnt i think i am going to........ wait for it.... :D

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