Thursday, June 10, 2010

now this hurt a lot

DEAR BLOG,i have something to say well....Hmmmm it seems like someone dont wanna talk to me anymore.I felt so different since today,it was like someone hate and ignoring me,well i dont know if its true...they told me that they miss me since wednesday,9 june 2010.Are they just using me?dont they know what is the meaning of serious and miss with them a lot??hurmm i've been waiting for them since yesterday...i dont know what mistake that i've been doing,that make them so if they hate me or any thing why dont they just tell me?is it so hard?But its okay or maybe there might be a misunderstand well i just dont know and i feel so very different and sad hmmm i dont know what to say..i think i need to go now...excuse me for now :'(
cheer and have a nice day to all :)

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