Sunday, June 27, 2010

26 June 2010 :D unexpected things

-I have a great time today,well at the morning,i woke up and then i did some of my morning things like subuh prayer and others,I realize that it was student day...haha so i hurry my self with wearing my school uniform and then at school i arrived early so i sent my homework to the B.m teacher with my classmate and then attendance been taken after the school yeaa during the talent show had been started,im so interested of it....people act during the drama contestant and people sing and play music"band" and also dance well i was amaze during all of the talent show so if there were a students day audition next year,I'm so going to sign up for dancing competition eheh if was ready for it....Just to express it self...

-In the afternoon i was shopping with my mother for her new clothes for the teachers night at she bought her self a clothes which is grey colour and its very smart though when i was while waiting for my mother for her to try the clothes on,i was walking around the store and admire some of the shoes which cost $ has very amazing design which i like it and it is in blue colour.and then when i went to the kids and toys section which is near the expensive hand bang location,i saw a designer kid which cost around $15.90 and the other designer kid which included stencil and colorful pens and sprays in the when i search for my mother which is after she try on her clothes,i took her to the kids section so i tell about the colour design mom did want to buy it for me..well i pity my mom so i rather left it then....

-Then i was suprice that mu movie night was cancel because of the others some reasons like my brother is working so i thought that im going to be home yeaa my moms friend bring her daughters to my house and play such as cooking,dancing,singing and hang out they were safiyah,saleha and suhaila .and then i was chatting with my pen friend,he is a very nice person and also loyalty though....then during our(me and the girls) eating moment which is when nobodys around at home.all of us was like a comedian like we make jokes and laugh while eating and cooking too ahha....and they go home around 11pm :).

-So and then around 12pm i was online and chatting in fb i was shock that Onii3s account,is wasn't only the user was "secret"sorry cant tell you either.Luckily i wasn't asking what i wanted to ask onni3 about something which is not a bad thing eheh XP/...ahha so around 1am either 2am someone told me that he going to meet me in Brunei which is my pen friend from from KL...which they around coming here in 17-20 July so i guess im going to meet them on weekends and told them about the sultans day festival"perayaan in our language".eheh so i slept around 2 am in my room and woke up around 10am and then back to bed until 11am

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