Tuesday, June 22, 2010

schools stories

Hello usual...its Tuesday,hahah everything is seems to be normal today :D
At 5.30am i woke up and press my phone button to stop the alarm,too bad i over slept because i helped my sister doing something "her job" last night.SO i accidentally took a deep nap around 6am my mom woke me up early at that morning too bad again i miss my subuh prayer :( so i hurry my self to took a bath and wear my school uniform and usual drank milo before go to school...

At school,we're all seems to be quiet which we normally talkative and noisy ahhah....which is good that we have silent at the day...all of us met miss asmah this morning too,which she didnt teach us any more like pass of this mid year exam....Im sad that my result drop so i'll try harder to get higher marks next time at least i didnt fail any subject except for maths because the maths paper was like capital letter OMG hahah but its okay because all of us fail the exam paper 2....I want to dance but i dont go to the audition because i dont have dancing group at the school so i better dont join it then ehhe opps....well i dont know if i should come to school on this saturday ehhe well it will be my decision but i will try to come for the student day eheh cheers

Lastly before i'll go all i want to say is..............My home sick has cure a little just a bit messy mood heheh......And now i really really miss my best buddy i'll hope they did well at their school and i'll hope to chat with them sooner hehe take care....I'll also try to finish up my stories and will post it in my second blog eheh please wait for it okay I'll try my best to finish it with the best story as well i still need to study some of my subjects in school eheh ok then bye bye now


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