Monday, June 28, 2010

colour full colours

For me world wont be wonderful without colour full colours...We need colours because it help the world to be wonderful and it is the same as our passing marks for the exam if we had colourful bright colour for it,we will be satisfied and happy with it which is same as our choice and dreams that who ever want to be now i know im gonna give up dancing but no matter what im still gonna love dancing even though i cant do the dance now...Which is im gonna miss it so much :( ....But i think i better shut my self where ever i wonder THEY never had their dreams working on want to know why?they just said and hope it from what they say and yea they dont even practice and try it which is never been done before not even once so now i think i better choose what ever i want,which is have to be early before its too late like some people now.Now im not gonna let my self down and believe that i can do it no matter what people say...I dont need the others which i could support my self even if the others support,they might also let us down such as saying that were not good in our part but so what at least we believe that we can do it which is we try and give it more and more practice and also believe in our self.I know how it feels when "THE OTHERS LAUGH AT US WHEN WE ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING"...lets says it always have to be like that...its like our fight towards them like we can do it and never give up on what are we going to do so yea im very disappointed and felt sorry for the others especially the public,my parents and family and also friends if i had make something what you people dont want me to be well its my dream i just want to be happy as what i were and im sure that now everyone is happy that i gave up dancing which i dont to hurt my self towards the feeling which this i should tell anyone but i have too and let every one happy that i give up dancing so now i think i better open my fantasy and lastly i will let my mom take my phone because it is no worth by having my phone because its not so very important so yeaa just inbox me and message me through facebook okay cheers have a nice life and dont give up on your dream :)

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