Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I feel so left out!

Muin here...I want to tell something that what happen today,i felt so abounded and left out.Just now i feel like bad luck,people were so mean to me today.I was trying to be so good and look what happen today,This morning after break time my class mate hide my pensil-case which i felt so very worried about my stuff because i bought it from K.k(Malaysia),well i know its funny for them so i make my self relax and try to fit in with the jocks that they try to made it funny....So when doing all of the c.s corrections,I totally focus writing and learning those correction...I felt distracted and feel lonely and said to my self as if i have no friend in school :( well i hope i can find whoms my true friend is which listen to my stories and give me advice any time when i need nor any thing with it.Then at home around the evening hour,I was on Fb-ing well this someone is online i dont know what...but i guess this FRIEND is busy with theirs school business and fb games,i felt so not important but i hope this FRIEND is fine and i hope i could chat with them and im sorry if i make you mad ,but really,now im crying and also i feel so very different  i could'nt describe it because today i felt really really sad after what has happen but im always okay with any thing i hope they felt the same but if they dont well its okay...and then at home there is SOMEONE whose having an arrogant look and with anger with the looks and dont even smiled at me,so dont you think i felt so different,hey let me tell you something what if people that you used to communicate with look at you like THAT?!?do you like that?!?I really really dislike that type of person especially liar,faker,wanna be,of course poklen,the person who think that there all that,rude and mean.But i dont really mind it if they do that,beside its who there are.Some times people was like backstabbing me well hello i never gossip bihind their back,and look what happen,hmmm i wish i have more and more wish to complete what ever i want ;'(....Hmmm i do really really hope that i have a very specially friend which who i could talk with and even have a advice with but it know it wouldn't be easy if there is that type of person.....

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