Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i miss mY friend so badly SIGH Part #2

it seems like we dont chat for a long night already because this friend is sometimes busy and so am i..........
We only chat at facebook but for a short time like a tutorial chat...hmmmFt(sigh) i know were far distance but i believe we still can be special cares about long distance ryte?since we're friend so thats make time and distance special :D.....i hope my friend READ all of my post like how i read theirs and i want to apologize to the friend because of my lap top restart and i was afalling asleep while im waiting i hope today we still can chat even tonight.....beside im happy to wait becuase IMY so badly my lil buddy friend HMmmmm i know its hard and complicate but we should not give up and try it until we reach and get to it :D okay then......-

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