Sunday, June 27, 2010

todays weather ^^

Today weather its very important for me,guess what it has a dark cloud today and its raining but i do hate and afraid of thunder storm for today because its loud but it has stop with dark clouds hehe it was very cold today and i love it so much i t feel like want to go somewhere peacefull like a secret garden and the beach for playing around alone :) or maybe peaceful shopping ahha or or ice skating by wearing the right outfit for it like winters fashion ^^ yeaa i better spent today with a  properly time im sure i dont want to miss this lovely and peacefull day with tiring besides its weekends eheh have a great time people and for onii3 "secretly* L*** *o*" guess it correctly buddy take care always my friend i hope i can guess your secret words at your blog correctly haha study smart and be a good student always

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