Monday, June 21, 2010

schools back :(

Hello there,,,,I might not update my blog but i will try to finish my story book 1 as fast as i can :D
I also might not be really active just because school starts already so yeaa now its already night.SO i better get for school because i need more rest...well before i go i want to say welcome back to school to the students and teachers and well i also want to share about what did i do just now at school...So well yeah...i woke up at 5.45 am in the morning its so very hard for me to got to bed because i miss my school holiday so yeaa i sleep and wake and sleep and wake until the time that i woke when im ready in school.I felt so very home sick and i feel like i wanna go home.but since i could meet my friend so we talk about our holidays like usual :D and then we all do our mid year exam correction and yet i did pass all of result for today subjects at school so i hopefully that i will pass all of the other exam papers well still home sick here but its okay and i'll hope that holiday start again soon :( sadly it took more than 3 months to wait for it "SIGH" :( .But im so happy that janice appreciated my gift....Well she like it and almost every minutes she took a little quick look at the poster as she continues and said im so very obsess well she is my best friend so i didnt want to embarrassed her...Sorry if you did :D and then finally it was school bell which ends at 12.30pm as i said finally HOME :) . So well while im waiting for my parents to pick me up,i talk to my friend,Farhana hehe we talk until my parents came and pick me up well like usual topic ;).....

In the afternoon,i went to a party with my sister at a beach which is well known here in K.B.It was my bestest friend mira which i called her with that name.SO we took picture and ate and drinks and yeaa i did enjoy it XD you could found the photo in my profile eheh which one of her friends tagg me :) .So when i got home,i was like"i need more rest!!!".well yeahh im so tired and so much kind of stuff but still HAVE to go to school.So that is the things that i've been through today hehe so got to go active soon....well you still can find me in my FB...

Good luck and take care and have a great time at school....Gosh i even forgot how to write thing quickly well duh....good student did need a lot of rest too ahha "JK JK" cheers and hope to chat with you soon buddy emm you know who :D take care yaa again :D

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