Sunday, June 20, 2010

~Onii3~important for yaa

Hello my friend Onii3~I hope you read it~first of All,what I want to say is I Miss you a lot buddy....But one thing that im afraid it would happen to you and im so worried....Firstly,I want you to take a very good care all of your self and i dont want you to feel very hurtful and i know you're good and smart as a good student well i just want you to be like a good person and not a bad one and im afraid you would change to be a bit villainous....Like how i saw some of the people in the outer world...Well i miss you so very very much and you should know that beside look at your photo is not enough for me and some of the short chat which i call it "tutorial chat" is also not enough but i do know that your busy so i just want you to take a very good care of your self and i really meant it dear friend :) .Beside every day i always listen to the song call "Pyramid" because i know you like the song very much.....So i listen to it again and again every time when im listening my psp Mp3 songs hehe

So that i wanted to say and maybe more soon so please do take care yeaa my friend and  study smart always and relax and chill most of the time hehe peace :D GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND & HAVE A BLESS :D


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