Sunday, December 27, 2009

Things that i used to cheer up with....

There is a lot of way to cheer up others and your own self.But the way i used to do when i didnt have any mood is....Chatting with friends including az,irahMini,hani,my cousin and my friends and family and etc,and then watching my favorite movies and cartoon or anything is on the television,listening to my favorite songs just like korean and english and etc(super Junior,wonder girl,demi lovato,taylor swift,owl city and etc...)sometime i like to be alone for a while or maybe longer until i feel fine :) or maybe just having a hot cup of hot choclate either tea,ice cream and etc eheh any food that i like or maybe playing video games :) well happy cheering up if you are not in the mood so cheerz everyone and have a nice day O:),

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