Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hate It

Hello There,today i just want to share about my feeling through wards some one.I really really hate fake people,hmm if i wonder why would people like to faking their self hmmm or maybe i know some of the reason for example they just want o have a lot of friends,and then so that people like them and etc...Why Can they just be their selfs?Is it being Ourself is a tough stuff to do?well i dont think SO...Well now on i just try to be patient and chill up ^_^ and dont care about others like usual just like being on the other side of the world like alone in the dark.That's keep me chilling up ehhe rather than doing bad stuff huh eheheh.Well i just want to say sorry if some of these words that i share is hurting your feeling well i just to share it thats all well have a nice day everyone eheh :)

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