Saturday, December 26, 2009

To be Honest :)

To Be HONEST, I have a diffirent feeling through wards others in this world like for me im not a special person in this world well i know i am such a spoiled brat.well sometimes i dont even felt like that.the most feeling that i have is im not special well as i know i cant do any thing right i feel that i am bad and wrong type of person...I wish i can be a complete person such as nice and good in doing stuff well this wish is more bette rrather than i wish that i ***** E____S(secret answer)But its okay i just accept what i just have and always be patient everyday which i try harder and harder.Sometime's i feel that i didnt even have my cheer again it is because i have more luck to change and then i cant make friend easly sometimes i feel like im a nobody but it still okay to me ehhe well have a nice day everyone and always cheering :)

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