Monday, December 21, 2009

Todays weather

 This Morning i woke up in 8.40 a.m and then get ready until 9.10 a.m.And then my family and i having a breakfast in lumut area.And then we straight away zoom to bandar then we stop at empire Hotel to pick up our relative's for Singapore.They were so very friendly and kind.After that we went to Serasa Beach just for side seeing eheh it was fun and then we went to a resort for our lunch well im not sure what was the name of the resort  but it was amazing ehhe well i did enjoy todays activities.then we brang them seeing again until we sent them back to empire hotel ehhe well there was a problem there which make me"not in mood"well it wasnt my fault that i took something hehe well they ask me to take it any way well just forget it hehe.And then My family and i went to they city and they drop my sister and i at the mall until 4P.M.after that we went to tutong just for having a short break like usual at a Shop which locate to hua ho tutong ehhe well i ate beef buger and my sister eat noodle from  Jollibee.luckly they dont having a break at "Aminah Arif resturant".It is because everytime we go to "Aminah Arif resturant" i always but Dairy Queen ice cream which is the end of the block of the shop.After that in the evening we went back to K.B.
 There is still more photo's from the other camera well im gonna post in this blog soon.well cheers

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