Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lets forget about it

I am now strong for my self which im not flee like i used to..i am gonna forget about my relationships that had happen before which i am gonna forgive them and forget them like how i wanted well i like to be their friends but i don't think that i should think about them too much so now i think it is the right time to release it...which i don't regret and really like it...because what i think is majority all humans are the same...they don't think about a lot of people beside their self at first like how i think all the time like peace for the natures and people even environment around now i really know what is the real human like a bit of jerks and mean people because what they can say is being the best for their self and fight for their importance like for their popularity around them...well i guess people dislikes me which i guess i am being myself way to much...and maybe people hate me...unlike animals at least they won't harm me like so sudden...well maybe if im wrong i just want to apologize to everyone for being stupid and  well i think im going to go to bed...beside on Thursday 12 of August 2010 is going to have the fasting month for Brunei i guess....well good nite ^^

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