Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I wish

I WISH I HAVE some others people like drawings,dancings especially,and then singing...because i want to perform someday but i dont think its a good idea even though my friend have a positive support for me to say yes...because i never get what ever i wanted and i sucks a lot in talent and stuff well i guess im gonna dance for fun every day like for fun which is wasting my think just because to get the good weight and thin...Hmmm if i could make a lot of wish...I'm sure i am gonna be happy like every time but its okay because its not reality which sometimes im not happy with it...but usually i used to get the "N.I.M" stuff,moody and sad mood just because of all of the reasons which i never gonna i used to say emm talents?interests?educations?everything....But i can't do any thing so yeaa i wish im gonna be happy always and not being most of the days

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