Friday, April 9, 2010

so immature

If i wonder why SOME people is getting so IMMATURE....Especially some of the grown up?well i really dont care if they want to be that but they also have to think some of the immature stuff maybe they have less sense and time to think well they also should be our own role model responsible i guess :D

The next thing is about CHILDISH.I dont really mind if they were a child.but please understand other as well...they cant think about their self you know...they should think about the rest as well even though they were a CHILDREN....

Do You Believe in What do you want to be?
well i dont think you should if you dont believe in your dream.well i've been spending my time practicing but you just goofing around and spent your time like job less people...well i guess you do HAHA sorry to say this but if you want to be like want to be well go for it but if you dont better stop or you're just wasting your energy and time

okay thats tata and thank you

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