Friday, April 9, 2010

K-pop Lover?

K-pop fans?eheh cool we're just the same side ehhe yeaa :D...
Why?The music is awesome and fantastic hehe :D
What song?K-POP of course
Who?Hmmm for Example...SNSD(Girls Generations),Wonder girls,Big Bang,Super junior,2NE1,KARA,Beast,2Pm OMG etc eheh
favorite song?hmmm Run Devil Run,Tell me your wish(Genie),OH!,Gee,Tell me,Again & Again,Lupin eheh etc ehhe
Details:most k-pop lover have thier fanatic expression right??ehhe i also have the same expression ehehehe well Yeaa Music...

KBS WORLD channel (303)
heheh my favorite television shows in kbs world was K-pop chart,Invincible youth,Lets Go Dream Team season 2 and etc eheh

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