Thursday, November 5, 2009

Story of Kuya A.j and irreplacable

This is the photo of my friend,i think i should share about it.The first time i know him it is before the"first term holiday"of 2009.It is the first day that i know him from "Friendster".Before i know him,i was shock because he is my first pen friend.Well his name is Anthony Jhaifersou Piedad Jugo.Everyone call him kua/kuya A.j.He is born under the birth of leo,on 29th July 1986.He is from Cebu,Philippine.He love's to play piano he start playing piano when he was 7 years old and he also love to make friend,well he is friendly,kind,royal,nice and more......(not rude to other,smart,caring,etc).He is a role model,for me he is a big brother and a good friend.But now he is busy lately because he was busy with his study because he want to be a doctor.heheh well I did give him a support and now he is not around,well i hope he is fine and i know he can be a doctor one day.Not only me but all of his friend missed him heheh well sometime everything remind of him.Which is i hope i might meet him one day,well we did promise that one day we well meet and then he will teach me by playing a piano ehehand the song that he want to teach me is ..... it is to bad that i couldn't remember but i did know the song have haven word on it eheh i hope it sound perfectly classic and sweet.He even teach me speaking some of the nicest tagalog language such as ingatz(take care).Well i even try to find a friend which is exactly  same as him for replacement,hmmm i dont know why i couldn't feel the same but the truth is nobody can replace kua/kuya A.j.Even how nice,kind and sweet are there but there is still no changes because no one is sweet and nice like kua A.j.He did sing me a song once on his singing show before(on april 12 nor 13)he is cheerful and he like to smile so much  ehheh well he remind me of the friendship of cody and bubble which is same as between the friendship between me(bubble) and kua A.j(cody).ehheh or maybe not.Heheheh but even no one can't replace kuya A.J,i still like my friend just the way they are heheh cause we just like a siblings ehhe and all for one and one for all."Well i hope i will meet and chat with him soon and i always wish him for his own success for his study eheh hope we meet one day as we promise~Kua A.j~"cheerz :) 

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