Friday, November 27, 2009

MY cat's :)

This is my First cat.It's name is SnowFleck and then she has a kitten which is already grown up.

Its name is Blacky.which is the second cat.well actually they were 3 kitten which 2 of the white kitten died,so left with blacky only and then...

The third cat.which is call clumsy.She is an orphan cat which been founded at the busy road and now she has lost her tail but she is still prefect for me even she is not eheh well i love cats hehe :)

and last but not list this is the last kitten.the white whit gold and black spot is call Twinkle and the cat which is the same fur color which is orange and white is call Tigger.Heheh guess what all of my cats and kittens were female hehe none of them were male ehheh owh well i always feed and play with them ehhe especially clumsy ehheehe she is the house cat which stay in the keitchen eheh well my family love cat too ehehhe and i always do chores with those five cats eheh well im gonna give them a bath tomorro heheh and i know it is going to be fun and wet hehe owh well some cat might be adorable and some of them might be naughty hehe.And finally,I just want to say to all animal and pet lovers"Please always take a good care of them and always feed them when they are hungry and always love them like the way you love your family"heheh :)

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